What Audio Equipment Are YOU Getting for Christmas?


It’s almost time for audio equipment desire time……I mean Christmas. Ahem. If you can’t get anyone to get you a nice piece of new gear for Christmas, do yourself a favor: get a little something for yourself. I scoured the web and found some gear that you might be interested in. I haven’t tried all the stuff myself, but it’s gear that’s either highly rated or a best seller of some sorts. Let’s break it down:

USB audio interfaces

Nothing like Christmas to trade out your audio interface for a brand-spanking new one.

Studio monitors

Even Christmas music will sound better through a new pair of reference monitors.


You’ll also need a nice new microphone to record those Christmas jingles.


On a quiet Christmas night, maybe you don’t want to wake up your neighbors while you’re mixing death metal?


There’s nothing more frustrating than getting a piece of gear and not knowing how to use it properly. Here are a few suggestions to improve your skills, whether it’s recording, mixing or mastering.

What Audio Equipment is on Your Wish List?

These are just a few options I rounded up. What special piece of gear is on your wish list?

Let me know. Either send me a reply, or leave a comment on the blog. 

Image by: Automania

  • Tasos Makrygiannis

    Hi there! First i would like to say that Mixing Strategies came up with a very helpful and useful kind of way..
    Simple and lucid tips making a point, so allows you to proceed to specifically themes as the multiband
    compressor which is my special piece of gear that i would like to have!

    • Björgvin Benediktsson

      Thanks Tasos! I’m glad it could help your productions