What’s Your Plan B When Your Studio Breaks?

plan b

When a part of your home studio setup breaks, do you have a plan B?

Here’s what happened to me.

When my MacBook had to go to the shop for repairs I was left more than a little crippled.

It’s crazy how little you can do without your computer. Everything I do for Audio Issues is done with that computer so now I’ve had to resort to using the computers at the library.

That’s where I’m writing this right now.

It gets the job done but it’s just uncomfortable. I have a way of doing things and I like doing it on my computer in my home studio.

Not in a over-lit library with fluorescent bulbs buzzing away overhead. But for now it’ll have to do.

It also got me thinking about how you would react if something in your home studio setup suddenly broke.

  • What would you do if your trusted condenser mic stopped working and you had to record with something else?
  • What would you do if a few channels started acting up on your interface and you had to record a drum-kit with only two microphones instead of four?

How would you adapt to the situation?

Would you freak out and cancel the recording session, or would you react and adapt?

  • Grab a dynamic mic instead of your broken condenser and make it a part of the sound.
  • Mike up your drum-kit using the Recorderman method to get a tight drum sound with only two mics.

At a moment’s notice, especially if you got a client waiting, you gotta react to the situation and create a new home studio setup that works for emergencies. Hell, even if everything’s working right now maybe you should create a contingency plan for that small possibility that it might happen.

Be a quick thinker and come up with a plan B before the client realizes you’re just faking your confidence.

For a list of quick and easy recording techniques, check out Recording Strategies. Bundled with Mixing Strategies, it’s filled with a ton of ideas for any plan B home studio setups you might have to deal with.

Plan for the worst right now:


Image by: martymadrid