“From The Vocal Sound of Your Favorite Band!”

TV shows

I bet you’ve seen this advertising trick in magazines:

Where they say, “From the Producers of [Some awesome things] we bring you this [new maybe awesome thing].”

I saw it yesterday in a magazine where they were promoting this new TV show.

And at the top the ad said, “From the producers of Breaking Bad.”

Now, Breaking Bad is one of my all-time favorite TV shows.

But that doesn’t mean this new show is any good at all.


Because it’s not from the writers.

If it would say something like, “From Vince Gilligan, creator of Breaking Bad.”

Now, THAT I would pay attention to!

I don’t pay as much attention to television producers as I do the writers. TV Producers have more of a money role rather than a creative role.

It’s like saying that the technical decisions of a recording is what makes the song good. The amount of money you pour into your gear will somehow make your song better. Sure, it might sound better but if the song is boring it’s just gonna be a very expensive boring song.

Just because Geoff Emerick used some great gear on The Beatles doesn’t mean that the same gear will make you a Beatle. It’s the creativity of the songwriters rather than the technicality of the engineering that made those songs legendary.

Don’t forget that.

“From the vocal sound of John Lennon we bring you a new and improved Neumann microphone”

See how that works? The microphone didn’t matter, it’s about the talent of the artist.

It’s not the gear that matters. It’s the approach you take towards making the song better.

That’s what I teach in Recording and Mixing Strategies. Just a simple way to record and mix from beginning to end, regardless of whether you have professional equipment or not. Heck, it’s probably even better if you don’t because if you can get great sounds from cheap gear just imagine what you can do when you meet the next Beatles and get to use all that expensive equipment…

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Image by: by ddesroches