My Misinformed Mixing Madness

music mixing madness

Got this comment on a recent blog post, How to Create Better Mixes by Panning in Mono:

The following is an incorrect statement, Björgvin:

“Panning in mono gives you a different way of placing the instruments in your mix”.

It doesn’t, it’s a myth. I recommend you research this properly, perhaps via some professional forums, and understand what it is you are really hearing. You have a responsibility, if you are presenting yourself as knowledgeable and so-say qualified individual, to avoid posting misinformation.

Here’s what I said back:

Would you mind elaborating on what you mean? I’ve often flipped to mono in order to pan. You definitely hear things differently which can help you hear how the different instruments respond to each other.

So I guess I’ve done my research if I’ve come to the conclusion that I can hear a difference in my mixes. Also, it’s a technique that I first read about in Bobby Owsinski’s Mixing Engineer’s Handbook so I hope that qualifies as research in your all-knowing mind.

As for professional forums? Forums are inherently unprofessional and usually riddled with idiots that have nothing better to do than troll each other and tell you how much better they are than everyone else. There is no professionalism left in audio forums.

The comment that annoyed me the most was the ‘professional forums’ part. Professional my @$$. The Gearslutz forum, for instance, is the internet equivalent of a post apocalyptic hellscape. It’s a free for all of misinformation and the amount of crap you have to sift through just to get to one good advice just isn’t worth the effort.

I give advice that’s usually worked for me. I also tell you about things that I’ve read that might be great tips. But when someone accuses me of misinformation when I post advice that I’ve both read about as well as used successfully in my own mixes, well that just pisses me off.

I guess I’ll just have to keep writing misinformation because I keep getting emails from you readers saying how much I’ve helped your mixes. If that’s the price to pay for misinformation(that also somehow seems to work) then I’ll just have to live with that.

For more awful misinformation that is paradoxically guaranteed to make your sessions sound better, check out Strategies bundle:

Image by: Mark Lunch

  • Ah well, when a guy suggests “research” on “professional forums” you shouldn’t take him too seriously…