3 Minutes that Change Your Life. That’s What Music is All About.

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I saw Dave Grohl’s documentary Sound City recently.

It’s about the legendary Sound City Studios in the L.A. area where some of the most famous bands in history recorded.

Fleetwood Mac, NIN, Rick Springfield, Nirvana, RATM, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Slipknot, Pat Benatar, Neil Young, Tom Petty.

The list goes on.

It blew my world.

It brought this recording music thing back into perspective.

This was the time of the big studios, where players got together in a room and played their heart out. They’d play take after take until they got it right. They’d rehearse the songs over and over until something clicked.

There was this collaborative, human element that’s just so powerful. It’s the way music is supposed to be created. You get together with your buddies and you make the music happen. You put your spirit into those chords, your strength into those beats and your soul into those lyrics.

3 Minutes

Have you ever wondered how much a simple 3 minute song can change your life? It comes out of nowhere but seems to be custom-made, just for you. All the energy of the instruments and the intensity of the lyrics just speak to you in ways that nobody has done before. It can bring back memories that were long gone. Or create new ones you didn’t even know you had.

That’s the power of a song.

It’s the result of pouring your heart out as a musician. It’s 3 people coming together and creating something completely new, that yet still seems so familiar to you.

Something that you’ve never heard before but just speaks to you. And 3 minutes later it leaves you changed.

That’s what you should be doing in your studio. Get some musicians together and get them to pour their heart out. Screw the technicalities. Screw the mic bleed and the rules. Just make the music happen. Don’t sit down and quantize everything to the grid and make everything sound sterile and clean. Make it breathe, keep it alive.

That’s what music is all about. It’s not about the amount of technique that goes into the recording. It’s the amount of soul that goes into the music. Make your drums fill the room with power. Channel your creativity through your instruments. Make your vocals resonate in your bones.

To quote Bill Hicks,

“Play From Your Fucking Heart.”

Have a good weekend.


Image by: Sudhamshu