Are You Making These Top 10 Mixing Mistakes?

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Wouldn't You Like to Concentrate on Making Your Mixes Better Without Worrying About Making Stupid Mistakes Along the Way?

Let me tell you, mistakes are easy to make in music production...

When I started out, I had no idea how to set up my sessions. I didn't know what gain-staging was and I regularly overloaded my tracks with all sorts of nasty clipping from too much gain and noise from too much compression.

Björgvin Benediktsson - Audio Issues

I used to pile on the reverb without knowing anything about how amateurish my super-soaked mixes made me sound.

Just thinking about it makes me cringe. Take a look at that 414 microphone in the picture to the right. That microphone sounds great, but I'm pretty sure I pointed it end-first at an amplifier once. Talk about a rookie mistake. I'll go down in history as the only person who made the 414 sound bad.

Anyway, it gets even worse.

It wasn't just the basic recording and reverb mistakes that everyone makes. I also had no idea how to use routing, sending and subgroups to make my mixes simpler. Today I think simplifying your mix is one of the best things you can do to improve as a mixer. When you don't have a billion tracks in front of you, you can actually focus on the important parts of the mix.

Today, after learning from all of my own mistakes, as well as countless others, I can actually tell you exactly how you can avoid the mistakes and make better mixes.

I know exactly what to avoid, and I want you to know it too.

And you know what else is even more important?

Once I Learned From My Mistakes...Mixing Became Fun

I learned to use EQ to reduce muddiness in my mixes. I knew exactly how much reverb to apply, and how to tweak it so that it sat better in the mix. I routed, grouped, sent and gain-staged my mix in circles to make it simpler.

Making these mistakes was eye-opening for me. It made me better at mixing.

But the best part for you is, you don't have to make them.

Learn these mistakes from me and make your mixing effortless and easy.

Introducing Mixing Solutions

A 10 part video series that goes over every aspect of these 10 mixing mistakes and How To Solve Them.

Mixing Solutions is a 10 part series that shows you how to overcome all the most common mistakes made during mixing.

The video solutions will show you exactly what to avoid with tricks on making your mixes sound more powerful than before.

  1. 10 Tutorial Videos: Step by step solutions filled with tips and tricks you can use immediately in your sessions.
  2. 10 In-Depth Reports: Accompanying articles that help you understand each mixing mistake better.
  3. 2 Practical Webinars & 2 Feedback Reports: With likeminded engineers such as yourself packed full of tips on making full-band mixes and electronic music sound better.
  • Discover why you might make the biggest mixing mistake of all before you even start the mix!
  • How to set up your mix so that you leave enough headroom and don’t overload your master fader
  • 6 ways you can fix a problematic compressor
  • Avoid using these preset mistakes that make you look dumb
  • How to keep your drums from taking center stage and ruining your mix
  • The ins and outs of simplifying your mix with groups and busses
  • The one mistake I’ll never get over about sending and routing
  • How to use filters to make your mixes sound cleaner
  • Getting just the right amount of reverb (and why EQ is the best way to do that)
  • Learn to use mono to make sure your guitar solos don’t disappear.

Check out what other engineers had to say:

"...all about creating a nice, clean and professional sounding mix."

"I've finished your new e-course. I'ts a great series of lessons! The video's are filled with useful tips for beginners and more seasoned mixing engineers. There were quite a few tips I'd never even thought about, while it's all about creating a nice, clean and professional sounding mix. It's great to see how you work as well. The feedback video's turned out pretty good too. It's helpful to see how others work so you can view a session from a different perspective.

Mark van bavel Mixing Engineer

"...gave me a lot of focus and really opened my eyes..."

I felt your course gave me a lot of focus and really opened my eyes on things which i was guilty of stabbing at the dark in in the past. I'll revisit the lessons, but the eq advice (especially on the drums) and the explanation of sends and inserts (I'd never used sends before always inserts, leaving me reluctant to use much reverb) were a really good learning curve for me.

Rikki speakman Guitarist/Singer

"Helped get the muddiness out of my mixes"

"Really helped get the muddiness out of my mixes and really got some vocals to sparkle. The "The Filter's Guide to Great EQ" should be on every audio enthusiasts' reading list. If I had to choose one that helped the most would be:- "Are You Leaving Your Mixes Enough Headroom?" I've since backed off and allowed the mix to breathe properly."

Shawn Ragbir Recording Engineer

Mixing Solutions 

10 Videos on Fixing Your Mixing Mistakes

10 Mixing Reports to Improve Your Mixes

10 Tutorial Videos Showing You the Practical Mixing Solutions

2 Video Feedback Sessions

2 Feedback Reports


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