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Bjorgvin is an expert at breaking down complicated subject matter with language and detail that readers of all skill levels will understand.”
-Dan Comerchero
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-Jim Moody
I've learned more from your site than anywhere else. Thanks and keep up the good work.
-Rand Newiger
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Recording & Mixing Strategies

Tricks of the trade so powerful they are guaranteed to improve your productions

If you would like to know how to record any instrument…even if you’ve never seen it before; or mix any genre of music, even if you’ve never heard it before in your life…click the button to learn more

eBooks about Audio and Music Production

The Ultimate Guide to EQ

If you’ve been looking for a great EQ guide to fix those nasty frequencies in your mixes, look no further.

Using EQ is the first step to making your instruments play well together. Knowing how to EQ can help you make room for all the instruments in the mix. It helps you avoid clashing instruments and gives you complete control over the frequency spectrum.

Ultimate Guide to EQ - Your Blueprint to the Frequency Spectrum

Live Sound Survival

Live Sound Survial: Big Sounds out of Small Systems will teach you everything you need to know about running small venue live sound.

Whether you’re an engineer that wants to break into the live industry or a musician that just wants to know how to make their band sound better, this eBook is stock full of information on how to achieve those goals.

Live Sound Survival - eBook on Live sound

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