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If you would like to learn the way to record any instrument… where can i buy Lyrica tablets even if you’ve never seen it before, this message is going to open your eyes to tips and tricks you wouldn’t even dream of.

Let me tell you, I used to be clueless about recording music.

I had a tough time figuring out how to use all this audio equipment. I moved the mic around aimlessly because I had no idea what I was looking for. And whenever I hit record I always ended up with a terrible sound.

Whether I was recording a musician or a full band I was never sure of the best way to approach the recording session.

My first ever vocal recording was me standing in the middle of a bedroom with bare walls, singing into a dynamic microphone that I held with my hand.

  • No mic technique.
  • No pop-filter.
  • No acoustic treatment.
  • Not even a mic-stand.

I had no idea what I was doing so I ended up with the same old lame sound.

My performance was terrible, I didn’t understand my microphone and I did nothing to make my vocal sound professional. No wonder it sounded like a cheap amateur bedroom recording.

What’s more, I had no idea how my equipment worked. I didn’t understand my audio interface or whether I was recording loud enough.

I’ll tell you, even my DAW terrified me with all those different plug-ins and processors I needed to learn.

When I went to audio recording school I met a bunch of fellow audio students that shared my problems. I wasn’t alone in my frustrations. Everyone was as clueless about mic techniques, polar patterns and recording gear as I was.

In the end, what I learned was: You’re not born with Grammy award-winning engineering skills. http://ccalaska.com/public-services/emt You need to learn them.

And you know what the best part is?

Recording is so much simpler than you think. Long-winded explanations are tedious and tiresome. You’re much better off with practical recording advice that’s easy and to the point. Advice you can use now.

It can all be done with simple shortcuts. There’s no need to spend thousands of dollars at audio engineering school. There you’re paying for access to great studios, not for the recording knowledge. That you can learn in no time.

With easy and effective set of recording techniques and following a straightforward plan of action for every session – everything is easier.

I want to help you avoid my mistakes and frustrations. Here are my shortcuts to greater recordings.

What is Recording Strategies Exactly?


Simple and Practical Recording Tips

Recording Strategies is an ebook that teaches you how to record your songs, from beginning to end.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • A no-nonsense explanations of all the equipment you need to record great audio.
  • The biggest bang for your microphone buck. Get these 9 microphones and you’ll navigate to this web-site never need to buy another mic again. Page 5 – 7
  • A secret way to get expensive recording programs for ridiculously cheap. Page 13
  • Use this one rule to get great sounds out of average microphones. Page 28
  • Learn one simple formula to control the amount of room sound in your recordings. Page 29
  • 7 easy stereo technique for a wide and spacious sound. How to get phase-free stereo recordings every time with only one technique. Page 33.
  • The little known drum recording technique that produces great results, even in the worst rooms. Page 46
  • Need a tight bass sound? Learn this simple way to place the microphone to get the exact frequency  you want. Page 51.
  • Learn how to use a small mirror to make your monitoring more accurate. Page 19
  • Learn why a “dull and lifeless” recording can actually make your tracks sound better. Page 16
  • Techniques on how to get the very best out of your room. Wipe the “home recording” sound out of your home recordings.
  • PLUS: 2 Great interviews with industry professionals, explaining their approaches to music and audio recording. Use their insights to make your recordings better.

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Icon - Check Mark“Thanks for such a vast amount of really useful information, it has been a great help.”

-David Williams(Recording Engineer – Xtra Factor Promotions)

Recording Strategies
  • Recording Strategies
  • PDF, Kindle and iPad format for all eReaders
  • Exclusive Interview Package
Strategies Bundle Plus
  • Recording Strategies
  • Mixing Strategies
  • PDF, Kindle and iPad format for all eReaders
  • Exclusive Interview Package
  • Live Sound Survival eBook ($17 value)
  • The Ultimate EQ Guide ($17 Value)
Strategies Bundle Platinum
  • Recording Strategies
  • Mixing Strategies 2.0
  • PDF, Kindle and iPad format for all eReaders
  • Exclusive Interview Package
  • Live Sound Survival eBook ($17 value)
  • The Ultimate EQ Guide ($17 Value)
  • Are You Making These Mixing Mistakes? Mixing eCourse (10 PDFs and 10 Tutorial Videos)
  • 2 Mixing Feedback Webinars (1.5 hours)
  • 2 Mix Feedback Reports
  • 2 Exclusive Multi-tracks Used In the Videos

What’s in This Ebook?

Recording Strategies is the end-all guide to simple, easy and effective recording techniques.

Chapter 1 – The All Important Equipment

  • Know your equipment and you’ll know what to use in any situation.
  • Learn about different microphones and when to use them.
  • Find out what you REALLY need for your home studio.

Chapter 2 – How to Set Up a Recording Studio that Works for You

  • Create an easy workspace with everything within easy reach.
  • How to make a good listening environment without spending a fortune.
  • Don’t let your recordings lie to you. Learn correct monitoring to get a smoother frequency response, tighter bass and a clearer stereo image.

Chapter 3 – Simple Recording Strategies: A Cheat Sheet for a Great Sound

  • Pre-production and planning. Get a great sound before you even start recording.
  • Learn how to get a natural and professional sound, no matter what instrument you’re recording.
  • Know when and how to use close, ambient and distance miking techniques.

Chapter 4 – Tried and Tested Stereo Recording Techniques

  • Stop being confused and afraid of stereo recording.
  • Learn how to use stereo techniques to add depth and width to your instruments.
  • Learn how to avoid phase problems when using more than one microphone.

Chapter 5 – How to Record Drums that Rock!

  • Avoid poorly tuned drums. Learn how to tune them and you’re guaranteed a tight drum sound.
  • Learn how to mic every drum of the drum-kit, from the kick drum to the room microphone.
  • Use your room sound to your advantage. Learn how to make bedroom drums sound bad-ass.

Chapter 6 – Groovy, Tight and Powerful: A Bass to Bring Home

  • Learn why the bass line is the most important part of the song.
  • Learn why it’s important to get a balanced sound to avoid muddiness.
  • Simple recording techniques for you, whether you’re recording a bass amp, DI or a stand-up bass.

Chapter 7 – The Zen of a Shimmering Acoustic Guitar

  • Use the sweet spot to get a natural and balanced acoustic guitar sound in minutes.
  • Know how to record the different characteristics of the acoustic guitar.
  • Learn how to “super double-track” acoustic guitars for a wall of strummy brilliance.

Chapter 8 – Dialing in that Perfect Electric Guitar Sound

  • Know how to use the pickups of the guitar to get the sound from famous guitarists.
  • Learn how to solve your guitarist’s terrible tone problem.
  • Master the guitar amp and learn the best way to mic up the speaker cone.

Chapter 9 – The Ultimate Guide to Great Vocal Recordings

  • Learn the art of getting an awesome vocal performance.
  • Learn how to get a great vocal sound in any home studio, with minimal acoustic treatment.
  • Stop chasing that perfect take and learn how to make it yourself.

Chapter 10 – Dueling Pianos – Everything You Need to Know for a Perfect Piano Sound.

  • Learn piano recording techniques from a real master engineer.
  • Learn this one microphone mode to get a better piano sound than you ever thought possible.
  • Learn what the room really has to say about your piano sound.

The goal is to show you the shortcuts to great recordings, the simple tricks and techniques that always work. If you’ve got a great starting point then it becomes much easier to build on. From getting the right equipment and setting up your home recording studio, to nailing a great sound out of ANY instrument, the tricks and techniques are here inside, simple and easy for you to use.

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Instant eBook Download(PDF, Kindle and iPad versions)

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Icon - Check Mark“This eBook lays a nice foundation for people who are excited about recording, but don’t know where to start. Rather than giving us a boring 400-page text book, Björgvin goes straight for the good stuff, with lots of tips and strategies you can implement right away.”
-Joe Gilder, Home Studio Corner

Bonus Burst Badge Blue Bonus Interviews!

In addition to all the great info inside Recording Strategies, the book also comes with two interviews with industry professionals.

Randy Coppinger on Vocal Recording and Voice-Overs

Randy has 16 years of experience working at Disney, recording some of the most famous cartoon characters of all time. He directed Disney’s in-house recording studio Disney Character Voices where he worked with some of the most talented people in entertainment.

Randy loves microphones and thinks they are the most magical thing in music production.

During the interview we discuss his experience with recording voice-overs, using various microphones for different vocalists and the value of a great performance, to name a few topics.

Slau Halatyn on Piano Recording

Slau Halatyn - Piano RecordingSlau is an experienced professional engineer working in New York. He is the owner of BeSharp Studios and host of Sessions with Slau, a podcast about everything interesting that goes on in his recording world.

He has years of experience in the recording industry and knows his way around a piano. During the interview we discuss every aspect of piano recording:

  • The best microphone technique and polar pattern to use.
  • Why you shouldn’t worry about acoustic treatment so much.
  • When to use ribbons and when to use condensers.
  • How to use what you got to make a piano sound great.

Slau’s interview is in mp3 and PDF format so you can read or listen as you like.

Icon - Check Mark“I like training that is simple and to the point. Bjorgvin has done just that with “Recording Strategies”. It’s pretty much a field guide to solid recordings in the home or project studio. Pick it up and you won’t be disappointed.”

-Graham Cochrane, Recording Engineer, The Recording Revolution

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Recording_Strategies_3D_CoversmallHere’s what I want you to do. Bypass your frustrations and take a shortcut to great recordings.

  • Learn to make the most out of your equipment, even on a “shoe-string” budget.
  • Learn to spot the 3 spots in your studio that are killing your recordings. Page 17
  • Learn why great tracks start before you’ve even picked up a microphone. Page 26
  • How to get your tracks great at the source. Page 28
  • Learn recording tips to record ANY instrument, from rock drums to classical piano.
  • How to make the most out of limited acoustic treatment(even if you don’t have any). Page 16
  • PLUS: 2 bonus interviews with industry professionals.

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If you’re not happy, I’m not happy.

Icon - Check Mark“Great information is what this day and age are all about. Yours is delivered in an easy to digest manner that really gets the point of an idea across.”

-Jose Diaz, Musician & Home Recordist

Plus Bonuses

Get both Recording and Mixing Strategies together and save money. If you buy the Strategies Plus Bundle you’ll save $33.

Mixing Strategies covers, among other things:

  • Become and Affiliate for Audio IssuesThe easiest way to simplify your mix. Page 6
  • The only word you need to get a clear stereo image. Page 7
  • The 3 easy ways to make your mix sound exactly as you want.
  • The one strange but effective way to make your panning more creative. Page 11
  • The 10 steps towards a polished and professional vocal sound.
  • The reason your guitars will muddy up your mix. Page 25
  • Techniques to carve out a space for each instrument.
  • Eyeopening techniques to recognize what drives your mix.
  • Getting a tight low-end and controlling a bass heavy and muddy mix.
  • How to get a bigger mix without adding clutter and muddiness. Page 36
  • 35 practical and easy to use tips for a punchier drum sound.
  • The one mixing processor that separates the amateurs from the professional. Page 41
  • How to get your mix ready for mastering. Knowing these few tips will make any professional mastering engineer absolutely LOVE you.

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Along with both Recording & Mixing Strategies, the Strategies Bundle Plus comes with two additional eBooks:

  • Live Sound Survival: Big Sounds out of Small Systems ($17 value) will teach you everything you need to know about running small venue live sound. Whether you’re an engineer that wants to break into the live industry or a musician that just wants to know how to make their band sound better, this eBook is stock full of information on how to achieve those goals.
  • Live Sound Quick SolutionsBONUS: Quick Solutions to Common Live Sound Problems slide-deck & interview with veteran live engineer Chris Huff from BehindtheMixer.com
    • The difference between EQ’ing instrument on stage and in the studio.
    • Which frequencies are more prone to feedback.
    • An in-depth overview of the frequency spectrum and where to EQ to get the most out of your concert.
    • How to deal with the most annoying killer of good live sound, that awful muddiness.
    • How to make DI’d acoustic guitars sound natural.
    • How to bring a dull P.A. back to life.
    • How to stop the vocal from being drowned out by other instruments.
    • How to mic the stage(it’s simpler than you think)
    • And what to do with an echo-y venue.
  • The Ultimate EQ Guide is a collection of all the articles I’ve written about EQ throughout the years. It gives you an in-depth look at the complete frequency spectrum, as well as tips and tricks on how to use EQ effectively on drums, bass, guitar and vocals.


Platinum Package Bonuses

The Strategies Bundle Platinum comes with Are You Making These Mixing Mistakes?  a 5 part, self-paced  eCourse that solves and shows you how to overcome all the most common mistakes made during mixing.

The video solutions will show you exactly what to avoid with tricks on making your mixes sound more powerful than before.

  • 10 in-depth PDF articles on the top ten mixing mistakes you need to avoid if you want better mixes.
  • 10 tutorial videos showing you how to avoid those mixing mistakes, filled with tips and tricks you can use immediately in your sessions.
  • Icon - Video2 practical webinars with likeminded engineers such as yourself packed full of tips on making full-band mixes sound better.
  • 2 detailed feedback reports to discover how you can make your electronic music sound better.

Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll find out:

  • Discover why you might make the biggest mixing mistake of all before you even start the mix!
  • How to set up your mix so that you leave enough headroom and don’t overload your master fader
  • 6 ways you can fix a problematic compressor
  • Avoid using these preset mistakes that make you look dumb
  • How to keep your drums from taking center stage and ruining your mix
  • The ins and outs of simplifying your mix with groups and busses
  • The one mistake I’ll never get over about sending and routing
  • How to use filters to make your mixes sound cleaner
  • Getting just the right amount of reverb (and why EQ is the best way to do that)
  • Learn to use mono to make sure your guitar solos don’t disappear.

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About the Author

Bjorgvin BenediktssonMy name is Björgvin Benediktsson, and the first thing you should know about me is…I’m not an award-winning engineer. I haven’t hung out with celebrities and I don’t have any international credits to my name.

In fact, the only thing I’d consider myself an expert in is teaching you the easiest way to a greater recording.

I’m an audio engineer, musician and writer. I’m an Alumni from the SAE Institute and have worked in the audio industry since 2006.

Since then, I’ve been involved with projects in the field of live sound as well as playing, recording and mixing a wide variety of music. I’ve written countless tutorials on audio production on numerous blogs and websites, as well as at my personal website, Audio Issues.

Additionally, I’ve taught classes on music production and audio engineering, teaching the technical side of recording and mixing in addition to hosting workshops on live sound.


You gotta love shortcuts. They’re easy to follow and give you results immediately. That’s what Recording Strategies is. A book of shortcuts to great recordings without the tedious technical explanations. Just simple and easy to use, practical recording tips that you can apply to your sessions immediately. Nothing more, nothing less.

Try it out. I know it’ll help your tracks sound better.

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Icon - Check Mark“Bjorgvin is an expert at breaking down complicated subject matter with language and detail that readers of all skill levels will understand. Recording Strategies is no exception. It is jam-packed with useful techniques, tips, and strategies from which beginner to advanced audio professionals will surely benefit.”

-Dan Comerchero (Founder of Quiztones & theProAudioFiles.com)

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