Audio Student Profile – Eve (Evelyne) Jakob – “SET” (School Of Entertainment And Technology)

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Tell us your name, age and where you live.

Eve (Evelyne) Jakob, 35, Basel, Switzerland


How did you get interested in audio engineering and music production?

I’ve been making music from an early age (piano, classical & jazz). Recording is a great musical, yet of course also technical, aspect of music, which I enjoy very much.

There is a great potential to create the music exactly as you want it to sound (and even discover new music and sounds), which fascinates me very much.

Where are you studying audio now and what will you diploma/degree be in?

Just about to graduate at “SET” (School Of Entertainment And Technology) here in Switzerland. It is a German school, yet internationally recognised and they are still expanding. This year I will continue my studies in order to specialise in Sound/Film design.

What’s the hardest thing about music production and engineering?

To understand more of the technical background, such as the electrical aspect of it all, which is very important as well as the musical knowledge. And that your recording/final mix/master has the same quality on whichever device you play it back from.

What’s the most fun thing?

The “fiddling” around with technical devices, to create new sounds from scratch or use onces, which already exist and make a new creation out of it; the collaboration with other musicians in the studio or live; the “birth” of something new, whether it is from yourself or/and a band and to obvserve people’s reaction, to be able to express yourself and do your best to hopefully touch people with your music etc.

What are your plans after graduation?

Working full-time in the music industry.

Anything else you would like to add?

Working in this working enviroment as a woman, I find very interesting, since you get very versatile reactions to this fact. Mostly (95%) positive feedback. Having met quite a few people from the industry (I have lived in the UK for nearly five years), has helped me getting a better understanding of how it works what it takes, since it requires very much from yourself.

Someone who isn’t ready for this, shouldn’t do this profession. Last but not least, to improve myself on a daily basis!