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Do You Need This to Succeed in the Music Industry?

If you’re trying to succeed in today’s music industry, you’ve probably heard that you need to “create content!”

One of the best ways to create content is to have a blog where you share valuable stuff with your audience like I’ve been doing for over ten years.

We published a good article on the benefits of blogging for musicians a while back that you may be interested in, but don’t think it’s a magic pill that will immediately skyrocket your success.


Because blogging is a tactic.

What you need to succeed is a strategy. 

A strategy is a long-term plan, whereas tactics are the things you do along the way to get you closer to the goals you set out to achieve.

If you only focus on tactics, you’ll jump from one thing to another without any success because you haven’t thought about the bigger picture when it comes to succeeding.

If you want to make an income in your studio, you need more than just a bunch of tactics to try. You need an overall strategic vision.

That vision tells you what tactics are best for you and it’ll guide you during those days where you have no idea what you’ve gotten yourself into and don’t know what to do next.

Having a strategic mindset is much more valuable than throwing random stuff on the wall to see what sticks.

It’s this mindset and thinking that I teach you inside my Studio Success Starter Pack, my crash-course in getting more clients, gigs, and customers so that you can make more money from your home studio.

If you’re looking to earn an income from your studio skills, even if it’s just a side-hustle for now, this program will teach you the pillars of growth you need to understand if you want to truly earn a decent income in the music industry.

Transform your simple studio into something you can use to pay the bills with your skills.



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