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Audio Notes can keep your sessions organized both in and outside of the studio. There is a lot of fancy audio engineering and home recording equipment out there. But sometimes you just need to get back to basics and keep your notes an arms-length away.

Keeping track of your all your recording sessions can quickly get frustrating. Organizing six different sessions with random post-it notes on your desk can quickly make your studio cluttered and unprofessional.

Keeping an order to your work is crucial to minimize procrastination and increase work flow. Besides, having dozens of scribbled legal pads and post-it notes scattered around your work area does not help you look professional to your clients.

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It’s frustrating for a paying client to watch your cluttered and unorganized work area. Having an idea where a session is going can help reassure a musician that he made the right decision by hiring you.

Get Organized

If you are currently scribbling down your production ideas and your client’s mixing suggestions in a generic notebook, like I used to do, then you must share the same feeling:

Blank pieces of paper do nothing to help you organize sessions by artist or song. It works great for the first few ideas, but they quickly add up and you forget which song wanted what.

By using Audio Notes you can easily keep track of artist, songs and sessions, all in a professional book you can easily carry anywhere.

Audio Notes PageBy having an easy medium to capture your notes in a physical format you can free your computer from running other programs in the background.

Don’t use Notepad or TextEdit, they just eat up your processing power and also get in the way of your recording work flow. Instead, a physical notebook that is easy to write in and organize is the answer.

Audio Notes is a notebook designed for you: the note-taking engineer that never wants to forget another production idea.


“Excellent book. I like to work on a number of ideas at the same time & I keep the notebook on the desk & just refer to that, makes it quicker for me to take up where I had left off. The notes section is a great little area to make a note of ideas for next time.
It has also been serving as an extra whammy: a way of keeping a track of samples I have assigned to the Akai LPD8. The tips at the bottom of the page are a nice little extra, they have & will continue to come in use. They act almost like a “Pause for Thought”.
A decent size, portable enough while being big enough to get the info in the boxes. Overall a cool, handy addition to my setup & would happily recommend it.”
Simon Herring
“Before I began using Audio Notes, I had scattered papers all around my studio & desk. Not only was it unprofessional, but it created distracting clutter and loose ends. I highly recommend Audio Notes, because anything that helps me stay effortlessly organized while I focus on the creative side of my work is fantastic in my book.”
-Dan Comerchero of the Pro Audio Files

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

An effective way to keep your production ideas in one place

Not only is it designed to keep all your production notes organized by song and artist, but with a little audio engineering tip on every page it’s my hope that it will inspire your productions as well.

What do you get?

Audio Notes

Audio Notes is a compact A5(5.8″ x 8.2″) size notebook. Its small size is perfect to carry with you but still large enough for easy writing. The coil bound spine enables comfortable page handling.

Audio Notes has a track-sheet on every page designed by a sound engineer for music production purposes. Its custom 24-track design is perfect to capture all the production ideas you need for any of your sessions. If you are a student they can help you prepare for recording and mixing sessions as well as being excellent for keeping things in order.

Accompanying the track-sheet page is a special notes page for any additional notes your recording session might need. With a solid audio engineering tip on every page Audio Notes is not only practical but a great resource for additional production ideas.

Let’s recap:

  • Perfect to keep sessions organized and uncluttered.
  • Designed to make you look professional to clients.
  • Guaranteed to minimize procrastination and increase work flow.
  • Small compact size and comfortable page handling.
  • PLUS: An extra audio engineering tip on every page!


Highly Recommends Audio Notes

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Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

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I have special offers and discounts for large companies, audio engineering schools and recording studios that want to buy large quantities of Audio Notes. If you are running a media business, recording studio or music production school be sure that Audio Notes can help your business look professional and organized.

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