Learn Invaluable Recording & Mixing
Techniques In Downtown Tucson


Bjorgvin infront of monitor
Björgvin Benediktsson
Audio Educator

Icelandic Embassy Studios​

What You'll Discover
At This Workshop

  1. All about the microphones and other equipment you need and how to use it all to capture great sounding instruments. 
  2. Mixing techniques to take your recorded tracks to the next level, making your drums, bass, guitars, keyboards and vocals sit well together like the songs you hear on the radio.
  3. Q & A sessions designed to help you solve the problems you currently have with your recordings and mixes.

When's The Next Workshop?

Fall 2016

Time to Be Determined

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Who am I and what kind of a name is Bjorgvin?!?


Hi. I’m Björgvin Benediktsson. I’m an audio engineer, musician and writer. I’m an Alumni from the SAE Institute and I've been working in the audio industry since 2006.

I've worked in live sound doing huge concerts back home in my native Iceland (that's where the name is from), recording bands in Madrid, Spain (where I went to audio engineering school) or producing, recording and mixing my own band today in Tucson, Arizona (I get around a lot...).

Through these diverse experiences I've grown to learn one thing:

I love teaching you how to make an impact with your music and audio production. 

I've taught thousands of up and coming home studio producers such as yourself how to make an impact with their music through Audio Issues since 2011.​

If I can help somebody improve the sound of their music and that helps them get extra fans and exposure I think I've done a great job.

I believe in sharing my knowledge with everyone and through Audio Issues I've been able to do that. I might not have won any Grammys but I enjoy being the person that inspires others to make great music while aspiring to learn as much as there is to know (and pay forward!).​

That's what I'm all about. I've learned a lot from working in the industry since 2006 and I hope my knowledge can become your shortcut to taking your audio production to the next level.

No technical theory. No jargon rambling.

I hope to see you at the next workshop!

Thank you for sharing your experience to improve my work... ; )

Pedro Guzman

I like your training materials. Well produced, focused, and a pleasure to watch and learn from.

John Miller