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  • Mixing With 5 Plug-ins
  • Quick Mixing, Mastering and Editing
  • Drum Mix Toolkit
  • EQ Strategies
  • Music Production Strategies
  • music business bundle

In addition to my premium products, I'm also including my Music Business Bundle from my side-project, the $1,000 Musician, that teaches you some music business principles to become a more successful "musicpreneur."

Musicpreneurship 101

This is your no-nonsense guide on using the web to promote your music using solid business principles.​

Whether you need help setting up the technical side of a simple website, cheat sheet scripts that tell you the best ways to promote yourself to new potential fans, or what to write to sell your music and/services for maximum effectiveness, I've got you covered.

70 Ways to Monetize Your Music Career

Includes tips like:

  • 17 Ways of making money playing live
  • 11 ways to make money online
  • Advice on creating passive income (like my friend who's grossed over $60,000 making music in his spare time).

Get More Gigs - The Essential Guide to Booking, Performing and Making Money from Gigs as an Independent Musician.​ ($10)

Your Step By Step Guide to Getting More Gigs and Making Money From Them.

  • How To Book Gigs: If you've ever struggled to get onstage, Get More Gigs gives you a systematic approach to reaching out to venues and getting them to notice you without needing to use a booking agent.
  • How to Perform for More Fans: Learn to engage with your audience to create relationships with new fans and make the venue beg you to come back.
  • Make More Money From Gigs: Create diverse income streams and learn to make as much money as possible from every gig by getting paid by the venues, its patrons and your fans.

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See what Audio Issues customers have said about their training:

THANK YOU for your E-books. The information on mixing drums ALONE was well worth the money. I would listen to other peoples "mixes" which were typically a lot of guesswork, reapply using your principles, and come out with a far better product each time. The most recent song that I did sounds SOOO good, you can hear all the instruments clearly, there's no mud, the drums are tight and punchy, the kick is dead on, and the Toms are deep and thunderous.

Chris Munson
Chris Munson Home Recordist 

"Drum Mix Toolkit is a fantastic resource. Not only is it a well written book full of tips, tricks, and workflow methods that you can implement today, but to me, the best part is that it also contains video examples by Bjorgvin himself so you can actually hear the techniques in action! It's one thing to read about audio, but it's another to see exactly how to use these techniques in a real session, and more importantly, to hear the differences made through the process. To top it off, Bjorgvin has provided the practice tracks he used in the videos for free as well! Absolutely fantastic and highly recommended! What I've learned in this package will be used on my bands/brothers drum tracks for years to come!"

Jonathan Timpe Musician/Engineer

The EQ tips that have helped the most have to do with the bass guitar and kick drum. I'm able to get a clean and tight low end on this song I'm working on. I cut some of the mud out of the kick and bass, then I let the kick have a little extra 50 Hz and added a little bit around 800 Hz on the bass guitar. That made the low end clear and punchy. This song has an acoustic guitar as one of the main instruments and I decided to put a HPF up to 200 Hz and added a little bit around 3 kHz and and it sounds good so far. This is a great guide to get things moving in the right direction!!! Thank You!!!! 

Jeff Smith Mixing Engineer