Audio Issues has a few resources to make your music projects go more smoothly. If you are looking for an inspirational guide to making your mixes sound better, or a better a way to keep track of your sessions then look at the books below.

Mixing Strategies – Planning the Perfect Mix

Become and Affiliate for Audio IssuesMixing Strategies is an ebook that focuses on the important subjective parts of mixing music.

It helps you visualize your mix and reach the sound you hear in your head.

It teaches you, among other things:

  • How to tackle depth and width in your mixes.
  • How to get a clearer stereo image.
  • Techniques to carve out a space for each instrument.
  • How to achieved a polished and professional vocal sound.
  • Techniques to recognize what drives your mix.
  • Getting a tight low end and controlling a bass heady and muddy mix.
  • Practical tips for a punchier drum sound.
  • How to get your mix ready for mastering.

Mixing Strategies has been incredibly popular with beginners in the field of home studio mixing. Learn more about what Mixing Strategies can help you with here.

Audio Notes – Sound Productivity at your Reach

Audio Notes

Sound Productivity at your Reach

Audio Notes is a compact A5(5.8″ x 8.2″) size notebook. Its small size is perfect to carry with you but still large enough for easy writing. It consists of multiple track-sheets designed for keeping track of your sessions.

  • Perfect to keep sessions organized and uncluttered.
  • Designed to make you look professional to clients.
  • Guaranteed to minimize procrastination and increase work flow.
  • Small compact size and comfortable page handling.
  • PLUS: An extra audio engineering tip on every page!

Audio Notes is a notebook designed for you: the note-taking engineer that never wants to forget another production idea. Audio Notes can keep your sessions organized both in and outside of the studio.

Learn more about Audio Notes – The Audio Production Notebook here.