Whooo Doggie!!! You're Almost There

Hi there,

I'm Björgvin Benediktsson and I run Audio Issues. The little dog beside me is my trusty sidekick Buckley (named after Jeff Buckley).

Buckley prefers that you check your email and confirm within five minutes of subscribing because he knows how forgetful we humans are.


Please follow the steps below to confirm your subscription. If in any case you don't receive a confirmation email, please make sure you:

  • Check your spam folder
  • Check your promotions folder if you're using Gmail
  • If the confirmation email that I talk about below doesn't show up, please try with another email address. 
  • If none of that works, please contact me here. Please don't use another communication method as it will be ignored.

Step 1:

Go to
Your Email Inbox

Go to the inbox
of the email address
you just used to sign up. If you don't receive it in the next 5 minutes, check your spam folder or try again.

Step 2:

the Confirmation Email

Find the email sent by us. It has the subject line "Confirm Your Subscription" and is sent from "Bjorgvin Benediktsson".

Step 3:

the Confirmation Link

Click on the link inside the email and you'll be all set to receive our audio production tips!

Björgvin Benediktsson | Audio Issues​