Special Mix Tutorial for Home Studio Mixing Engineers..

Use the Advanced Mixing Techniques Inside "Crazy For Me" to Make Your Next Song Sound Spectacular

If you're struggling to learn how to take your mixes to the next level, let me show you the advanced mixing methods I used to transform "Crazy For Me" from a rough recording to a polished mix.

I walk you through every step I took to take the song from this:

To this:

Here are a few of the techniques you'll learn inside the Mix Tutorial Video:

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    How I use amp simulation inside the box to create convincing guitar tones
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    How I layer trumpets and use parallel processing to make the horn section huge
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    What processing I use on the mix buss to make the entire mix come together quickly. Plus, I also show you my never-before-seen mastering plug-in I've fallen in love with to make better sounding masters
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    My huge parallel processing effects mistake that's super embarrassing but still didn't affect the sound of the mix
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    A complete walkthrough of how I mixed the drums, including all the random plug-ins and effects I use to add power and punch
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    The ultra simple organ mixing plug-in I used to make the organ sit nicely in the mix
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    My go-to stereo widening trick I use on all of my mixes
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    How I used a combination of ADT, vocal space processing and stereo width to add depth to the vocals
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    How you don't even have to touch the individual tracks to create a great sounding mix

Listen to the Entire Song Here:

Check out the footage from the recording session from Custom Tracks.

Mix "Crazy For Me" to Improve Your Mixing Skills

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