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18 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Home Recording Studio

There’s always more room in your home recording studio for new stuff right?

With the holiday madness slowly engulfing us some of us for our loved ones. I know I am.

But it’s as easy as ever to get some great home recording equipment for the sound engineers in our family. Or hell, maybe you know you won’t get any nice audio gifts this Christmas and want to indulge yourself.

Whatever the case is, there are some great holiday deals on some pretty professional audio recording equipment that you can get cheaper than ever over the Christmas season.

If you are starting a home recording studio and want to take the load off your purchases be sure to put some of these things on your wanted list. Whether you need cheap but important gifts under $20(like a mic stand) or portable recording devices(like the Zoom H4n) be sure to send your loved ones in the right direction.

USB interfaces

The heart of the home recording equipment bundle. nfl jackets cheap A usb interface is a great starting point for a home recording studio, and there are some great options out there.


Audio engineers are notorious for their love of microphones, and no gift goes straight to the heart like a new microphone.


Everybody loves a good pair of headphones, especially if you know your significant other doesn’t like listening to the same drum break over and over again like you do.

Stocking Stuffers

It’s the little gifts that count. We tend to focus more on the big stuff and forget to buy the convenient extra stuff that makes our jobs easier.

Last But Not Least

Audio Notes

Sound Productivity at your Reach

For added productivity and idea generation order the Audio Issues product, Audio Notes.

It’s 40% off until Christmas resulting in a wallet-pleasing price of $15. For more information, check out the Audio Notes page.

Lastly, what ideas do you have? What kind of equipment do you really want for your home recording studio this year?

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