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The 4 P’s of Music Production and Audio Engineering

Marketing experts will be familiar with the 4 P’s of marketing: Product, Price, Promotion and Placement.

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There must be some level of production involved with any level of audio engineering. It’s called music production for a reason you know. Without a sense of production there is no goal and you don’t know where you are going. It’s great to experiment, but if you have no end to it, there is no way you will know when you’ve achieved what you are looking for.


Your audio must be powerful enough to compete. That means enough low-end and bass to give your tracks a good foundation. With power your mixes won’t sound weak and whiny but powerful and strong.


Your mixes must pack some punch and grab the listener. Whether that means a rocking snare drum sound or a punchy guitar track your tracks must have some punch.


Just like your tracks need low-end, they also need high-end. A full-bodied mix with every frequency range represented effectively will result in a better sounding mix.

Don’t skimp out on the high-end.

It’s a little more tricky to add high-end without just piling on the treble, but try to find the delicate balance that your mix needs.

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