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Take This Test To See If You’re a Winner or Loser in Audio Production

If you want to pass the test to see if you’re really a lover of audio, read on.

What follows is a list of ways both winners and loser think in the studio. I want you to honestly decide what your answer would be.

If you get too many “loser” answers, don’t worry. We’ve all been there. It’s the process of realizing it and making it to the other side that really makes you the winner.

Like they say:

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again.

Take it away!

  • The loser says, “The more gear I buy, the better my recordings will get”
  • The winner says, “The better I learn how to use the gear I have, the better my recordings will get.”
  • The loser says, “If the mic sounds bad, I’ll just fix it in the mix.”
  • The winner says, “If the mic sounds bad, I’ll move it around and make sure to get it right at the source..”
  • The loser says, “If the performance is bad, I’ll just edit it after the player leaves.”
  • The winner says, “I’ll get the absolute best performance out of the player so the mixing goes smoothly.”
  • The loser says, “I’ll just use these compression presets to make my mix sound punchy.”
  • The winner, “I’ll learn what the compressor does and tweak the sound until it sounds great in the mix.”
  • The loser says, “I’ll boost every frequency to mask the problems on every single instrument.”
  • The winner says, “I’ll cut the problematic frequencies out before I start boosting.”
  • The loser says, “I’ll just add a bunch of reverb on everything to make it sound spacious.”
  • The winner says, “I’ll use a combination of reverbs and delays and carefully apply them so they don’t drown out my mix.”
  • The loser says, “The louder I make it, the better it sounds!”
  • The winner says, “With enough dynamic range, I preserve the quality of the sound!”

Ok, that’s probably enough.

How’d you do?

I know I’ve been on the losing side of that thought process in the past. What about you?

Take a deep breather and decide how you’re going to change your ways, if you even have to.

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