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Bob the Builder’s School of Mixing and Mastering

Do you remember that show Bob the Builder?

It was a children’s TV program about this building contractor that went around helping people with their construction jobs.

But in reality it taught kids how to cooperate, be social and help one another.

Basically it taught them to create relationship with people, with its foundation based on being a nice person.

Building anything, whether it’s a foundation.

If you’re working on somebody else’s music, it’s crucial to build a relationship with that person so that you know what they’re really looking for. Even if they came to you because you’re the new hot engineer in town, it’s still up to you to take the music to where your client wants it to go.

Some bands want weird mixes, and it’s ultimately up to them. You’ve got to cooperate and help them build their musical vision.

You’re Bob the Builder, and you’re building their music for them. If you were an actual contractor building a house for a family you would use your expertise, but you would build it according to the family’s wishes, not your own.

The same goes in the studio. You use your skills and equipment to make that music sound smokin’ hot, but you mix and master it according to the musician’s vision.

Otherwise you’ll end up with a strained relationship. That musician will come out of your studio feeling frustrated. He ended up having to pay for a product that wasn’t exactly what he wanted. And you, even though you got to do this cool thing on this mix, just lost a customer.

Wouldn’t it be better to give the musician exactly what he wants? Make him so happy he’ll come back with the rest of his CD and all of his friends?

Cooperate with your clients, be social and help them make their music better.

Be Bob the Builder.


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It’s a funny coincidence talking about Ian Shepherd and Bob the Builder in the same post because Ian Shepherd actually worked on the enhanced CD for Bob the Builder, a CD that he’s proud to say knocked Westlife off the Christmas Nr. 1 chart back in the day.

But enough about Bob. To get in-depth knowledge on how to effectively master in your home studio, on any DAW with any plug-ins, please check out the Home Mastering Masterclass.

My favorite, as I’ve said before, is the incredible stereo widening trick he shows you in week 2. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

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Image by: Dustin C Oliver

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