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6 Cheap Studio Monitors for the Budget Conscious Engineer

Buying your first pair of studio monitors can be an exciting but tiring experience. There are just so many options out there! Especially if you haven’t really had any good monitors before you probably have no idea what you are looking for. Which brand? How much money should I spend? Are there any special things I should worry about?

If you are in the market for your first studio monitors or are just looking for a cheap second pair, there are a fair amount of great budget options out there for you.

Here below you can see a few popular and recommended options for budget monitors in the price range of under $500. I would say a budget of $500 is a maximum starting budget and you can probably get a pretty decent pair for under $300.

This list includes some good brands I think would be a good starting point that are also getting great reviews on Amazon.

These links here below are affiliate links and if you are seriously looking for monitors please make a purchase through any of these links. Just by doing that you would be helping out this website a great deal.

Yamaha HS5 Powered Studio Monitor

I have three pairs of monitors in my studio and this is one of them. I really like using them and I’ve gotten to know them really well. In addition to my shitty Behritone Mixcube and my Focals CMS50s, I have a really good set up to hear my mixes through different speakers.

Behringer TRUTH B2031A

Say what you will about Behringer, but I’ve used these monitors and they’re perfectly adequate for home studios on a budget.

KRK Rokit 6 G3 Monitors with Stands

One of KRK staple budget monitors. Great quality and great price. Everyone I know who has these loves them. And with some included microphones will get you started even sooner.

M-Audio BX8

I used the Bx5A Deluxe for a while and I loved them. They were a bit high in the brilliance department but the BX8a, with a better low-end reach would sound wonderful.

Other Notable Mentions:

JBL LSR 305 Studio Monitor Pair

I’m a big JBL fan and I love their large PA systems, but I’ve never used these monitors personally.

Mackie Cr5

These monitors seem like the perfect kind of set to put on your desk to make some great music from your cramped dorm room.

Mind Your Acoustics

Whether you are looking for your first pair of studio monitors or are shopping around for a replacement, be sure that there are some great deals you can get for under $500 and many of these deals are much cheaper than that.

Lastly, keep in mind that great studio monitors are never going to sound great in an untreated room. You might have fun listening to your favorite music through them but if you are going to do any serious recording you need your monitors to accurately reflect what’s coming out of them without the acoustics of the room interfering with your music mixing and productions.

Do you have suggestions for cheap budget monitors? Share your thoughts here below.

Image by: CJ Sorg


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