Transform Your Rough Recordings Into Released Records, Even If You Only Have a Home Studio

Listen to this amazing home studio production!

If you’re wondering whether you can produce full-sounding songs in the home studio, just take a listen to the song “Stay” by Ed Elefterion, your instructor in the Bedroom Producer Program:

Just listen to the arrangement and production:

  • Groovy beats made with virtual drums
  • Funky bass lines throughout the arrangement weaving in and out
  • Staccato guitar rhythms adding accents
  • Horn sections galore!
  • Fun hand-clap breakdown
  • And cool-sounding vocal productions

It’s quite the impressive production coming from a small home studio don’tcha think?

Listen to the full album here if you can’t get enough of it (like me, I’ve been listening to it on repeat this week).

In case you didn’t know, Ed isn’t just a home studio musician like the rest of us. He’s also taught at the Hofstra University in Long Island, New York since 2001.

So needless to say, I lucked out when we partnered up to bring you the Bedroom Producer Program.

In case you’re wondering what you’re going to learn in the three workshops, here’s a quick breakdown of what’s in store when you join:

Workshop 1 – All About Stellar Songwriting

  • Simple tips for writing better lyrics in less time
  • How you never need to run out of ideas for songs and lyrics
  • How to keep the momentum going when you’re stuck with your songwriting
  • 7places you can always find ideas for songs and lyrics
  • How to write memorable melodies and killer chords
  • An easy way to start making melodies
  • How to embellish and add interest to simple chord progressions
  • How to create different melodies between the verse and chorus, even if the chords are the same
  • How to write better bridges to create more interesting songs

Workshop 2 – All About Awesome Arrangement

  • How to write a strong, powerful arrangement (even when you don’t know where to start)
  • How to use tempo, key, and time signatures to improve your song
  • How to know when you’ve found the perfect tempo for your song
  • Techniques for modulating your song from one key to another
  • Knowing what time signature to use depending on your genre
  • Tips on building a pre-chorus that creates tension and release in your songs
  • How to create killer intros and outros to frame your song
  • Storytelling techniques for creating an effective arrangement
  • How to quickly sketch out an arrangement so you don’t feel discouraged immediately

Workshop 3 – All About Powerful Productions

  • How and where to start recording when you’re a one-man band
  • How to embrace imperfection and keep the momentum going by creating an imaginary band
  • The counterintuitive way of recording bass so that the bass player can flourish and enhance the arrangement
  • How to choose the right instruments for your productions, even if you’re playing them all yourself
  • What instruments are right for your specific genre of music?
  • How to add interest to your productions with specialty instruments that add depth to the arrangement
  • The difference between a drum track and a percussion group to enhance your productions
  • When to add little details that don’t draw attention to themselves, but are missed when muted
  • Your crash course in recording awesome vocals in your home studio
  • How to comp a vocal in an imperfect room
  • What go-to effects should you use for an immediately professional vocal sound
  • How to record and produce powerful drums and bass by yourself
  • Learn a great approach to using EZ-Drummer to create a realistic drum sound
  • How to add the right bass lines that add to the arrangement
  • What reference materials to use when you’re creating your own arrangement

If any of those topics interest you, make sure you join the Bedroom Producer Program before the first workshop starts tomorrow.

Hit this link to get started. Once you sign up we’ll send you The Bedroom Producer’s Workbook, along with your exclusive access to our Slack community. From there you’ll receive a link to join our live calls.

Please note that if you can’t make the live workshop, you’ll receive the replay recording once each workshop is over.

Join the Bedroom Producer Program and start creating stronger songs, awesome arrangements and powerful productions from your home studio.

Looking forward to seeing you in there,

Björgvin & Ed

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Transform Your Rough Recordings Into Released Records, Even If You Only Have a Home Studio

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