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50 Free Multi Tracks to Improve Your Mixing Skills

Man have I got a RESOURCE for you!

You might have heard about Mixing Secrets for the Small Studio by Mike Senior.

It’s a great book that shows you how to create great mixes in even the smallest bedroom studios.

But what you might not know is that his book has an amazing companion site, complete with 50 multi tracks available for download and practice.

That’s right, 50 different multitracks in genres ranging from Bubblegum Pop to Electronic Punk.

Simply download the files, import them into your DAW of choice and start practicing your mixing skills.

What Should You Do With These Multi Tracks?

If you’re starting out, it’s hard to showcase your mixing skills when you haven’t done any work for anyone.

Also, it’s hard to take advantage of all these production tips that you read online when you don’t have any tracks to try them on.

There’s no better way to hone your mixing skills than to work on a wide variety of different projects. With all these different genres, you can try every mixing trick you’ve ever learned or read about.

So take advantage of all these free multi-tracks and really dig into making your mixing skills shine.


If you really want to get into mixing, but all the different tracks intimidate you, check out my ebook, Mixing Strategies. It’s written to help you see the big picture, and shows you how to make mixing effortless and easy.

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