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Interview with Music Producer Craig Schumacher

This week I interviewed producer Craig Schumacher of Wavelab Studios in Tucson Arizona.

Craig is world-renowned producer. Calexico, Amos Lee, KT Tunstall, Neko Case, acts that have used his services in the past and Wavelab Studios has a reputation as a great environment to make quality music.

We sat down at his studio in downtown Tucson and had a chat about music, production and the general feel of the industry we’re all in.

In part 1 of his interview we discussed:

  • His philosophy towards his one room studio sound and how he mixes without a control room
  • How he mics a kick drum and why everyone in Ireland knows his drum sound
  • Why he’s stopped compromising on what kind of projects he takes on
  • Why it’s always about the performance when it comes to music production
  • Why the scratch take can become the most important take of the whole song
  • We discuss Copper and Congress a lot. If you don’t know them you should check them out here.

Take a listen here:

(Right-click on the link to save to your computer)

Stay tuned for part II next week when we discuss his approach to bottom-up mixing, why kids don’t understand plug-ins these days and the reemergence of the all-new PotLuckConference

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Transform Your Rough Recordings Into Released Records, Even If You Only Have a Home Studio

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