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What Every Engineer Needs to Know About Making More Money in the Studio

When you’re working on a project, how many times do you keep going when you know you’re essentially done?

For example, at what point do you think a mix is done but you keep tweaking it for another two hours?

Are those mixes better after those two hours, or just a little bit different?

Because, if they aren’t better you’ve essentially wasted two hours of work for nothing.

You’ve actually lost money because you could’ve spent those hours doing some more productive.

Relationship Benefits

If you’re a working engineer making records in your studio this can be a dangerous thing. If you bill your client by the song then you spent two extra hours of work for no additional pay. If you bill by the hour then you’ll be paid for those hours, but you’re giving your clients less value. If the product is finished, adding extra two hours of work doesn’t really add any extra value to your productions.

And cutting your clients a deal because you’re aware of this will make them happier. They’ll be happy to come back if you constantly deliver on value and don’t overcharge for every single hour spent.

There’s a reason marketing classes focus on relationship marketing. Because it’s all about creating a relationship and getting the customer to come back.

Let’s say you have a client and you charge $40 an hour. The mix took four hours and you bill him the additional two hours on top to a grand total of $240. But because you thought more about billable hours than creating a relationship that client isn’t coming back for another session.

So instead of two four hour mixing session for a grand total of $320 plus a great relationship and hopefully some recommendations you’re collecting a measly $240 instead.

Instead of one song and no returning work you’ll reap the additional benefits of relationship marketing. More work also means that your skills improve and your overall business thrives.

All because you didn’t tweak around for two hours.

Think about that the next time you’re obsessing over your mixes.


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