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The #1 Thing to Say to an Inexperienced Studio Musician

A long time ago, a friend of mine told me this simple technique he used to deal with a novice studio musician.

You know the kind, the studio musician that might be great performer but somehow gets real stressed out in the studio.

They feed off the audience when they’re playing live, rocking out and playing every note with so much soul. But when you sit them down in the studio they suddenly get the jitters.

Every note sounds a little flat.

Every solo sounds uninspired.

Every drum beat just a little shaky.

Have you ever had this problem?

Make the Studio Musician Confident

Well my friend used to do this one thing. He’d be all optimism and smiles and just go:

“Yeah…that was good….let’s try another one just to be sure.

He instilled confidence in the musicians. He let them know he thought they were doing fine while making them do another take. Sooner or later(it was usually sooner) they’d get back their confidence and start ripping through their songs, with all the soul they’ve had before.

It’s a simple trick, but very effective. Because sometimes you run into an inexperienced studio musician and you need to stroke their ego and make them feel good about themselves.

It’s really all about simplicity. Simple set ups, simple recordings, simple coaching tips. If you keep everything simple you won’t burden yourself with complex situations that result in you cowering in the corner, hyperventilating with a paper bag.

Make your recording session as simple as possible and you’ll make even the most naive musician feel right at home.

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