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What Kind of Audio Engineer Are You?

audio engineerOccasionally, I do some technical editing for a pretty large publishing company.

It’s a fun gig because I get to read books before they come out about subjects I know about. I’m pretty harsh in my comments sometimes when I don’t agree with the authors, but if I didn’t have anything to say about their book, I would think didn’t do my job well.

So I’m currently reading this book on blogging and they keep comparing blogging to journalism. To me that’s a terrible comparison.

Do journalists blog today? Yes, because print media is dying a slow death. But are bloggers journalists?

Hell no. I would never, ever, call myself a journalist. A journalist is somebody who keeps up with the news and reports on stuff that’s happening right now. And that’s cool and all, but blogging is so much more.

Is it news that 200 Hz can cause boominess?


But is it handy for beginners in a while?


The reason I don’t do reviews, news on new products from companies and stuff like that is because I find it so horribly boring to talk about. I would be the worst audio journalist because I care more about talking about random ways of recording and mixing than what gear just came out.

Would you rather read a tutorial on how make something in your mix sound better, or a press release from an audio company telling you all about their new gear that only does three things more than the version you already have?

Exactly, that’s why this blog will never be a news site. Because I care more about helping you out with your sessions than telling you about the latest gear.

It also brings me to the skill-set an engineer has. Just like a journalist or a blogger needs to have certain skills, so must any engineer. Regardless of whether you do live sound, recording, mixing or mastering, you need that general “audio engineering” skill set.

Even if you specialize in one thing like mixing, it wouldn’t be too hard to switch over to mastering or live sound. You just need to learn a few of the additional tricks needed in that sub-industry and you’re good to go.

What kind of audio engineer are you? Have you started branching out with your audio skills? Do you need to brush up on some of them?

If that’s the case, that’s where the Recording Strategies, Mixing Strategies and Live Sound Survival come in. I designed the bundle to be a complete overview of the skills you need to succeed as an engineer. It doesn’t matter if you’re only going to record, mix or run live sound. These books cover it all.

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