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Interview With Recording Engineers and Producers Alex Maiolo and Rob Christensen

It’s time for another backstage interview with the panelists from the Potluck Audio Conference.

This time I interviewed Alex Maiolo and Rob Christensen.

Alex Maiolo

Alex Maiolo owns Chapel Hill, N.C.’s, Seriously Adequate Studio, which is another way of saying “he took over half of the garage, and filled it with the gear he’s amassed over the years.” Somewhere between a hobbyist’s den, and a proper one-room studio, the space lives up to its name. Everything needed to make a record is contained in the space, and artists can essentially show up empty-handed.

While many records have been started and completed at the fact that in the past year, Kingsbury Manx, Polvo, Erin McKeown, and Lost In The Trees have wrapped up notable, international releases there. Alex has been recording in some form or another for almost 30 years, starting with the humble, but effective, Fostex X-15.

Additionally, he works with The Future of Music Coalition, a DC-based think tank that studies the intersection of law, policy, technology, and music, writes for Premier Guitar, is a Senior Contributor for Tape Op Magazine, and plays guitar in the pop rock staple, Fan Modine.

Rob Christensen

By day Rob is known as “Mr. C” to his fourth grade students in Orange, Virginia. Evenings, weekends, and summers he’s a DIY home recording hobbyist.

Rob came up through the PortaStudio system. In 1989 he purchased a Tascam Porta-One 4-track and began a journey of recording albums at home and releasing them on cassette and later CD-R. He later moved to an 8-track Tascam 488-mkII and then a Tascam digital PortaStudio. He now uses Presonus’s Studio One DAW and is amazed at the unbelievable variety of high quality inexpensive options available to home recordists.

Rob records under the project name paths of distribution offered by the internet to today’s DIY musicians.

In the interview we talk about:

  • Using household items to supplement your home recordings.
  • Working with minimal acoustic treatment.
  • How digital silence just sounds weird (and how tape noise is a creative solution).
  • What the #1 thing a band needs to do when recording themselves.
  • Making artists limit themselves for a better production

Check out the interview below.

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