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16 Reasons Audio Engineers Shouldn't Vote for Trump

I want to share a personal story with you.

It’s something I didn’t realize that I valued so much until today.

I can’t vote anywhere in the world.

I’m not allowed to.

Not in Iceland.

Not in the United States.


I rejected my residency in Iceland because I didn’t want to be double-taxed both in Iceland and the US.

The consequences of that is that I can’t take advantage of the democratic social system that’s in place to take care of the residents.

I don’t live there anymore so I understand that and I think that’s fair.

However, because I’m only a Green Card holder in the US and haven’t gone through the naturalization process to become a citizen I also don’t have the right to vote in the United States.


I had a nervous breakdown about this entire thing this weekend when I realized how incredibly terrified people truly were about a Drumpf presidency.

I felt powerless. I couldn’t take action and do the one thing everybody around me was doing, vote.

And I’m really really sorry. I hate to make this political. I really do!

But, it’s not like you couldn’t guess that a European from one of the more progressive and peaceful democratic social welfare states in the world was a bleeding heart liberal right?

Although I can’t vote I hope to reach out to the 44% of my audience who live in the United States. You know who you are and you know you should be doing your civic duty as citizens.

I’m not really thrilled about Hillary either. I wanted this to be a Bernie presidency where we would finally see the rise of the Democratic Socialist Republic of the Actually United States of America, but some Star Trek predictions aren’t destined to come true.

Whatever you think about “Crooked Hillary” I just can’t understand how anybody can say that Trump is a better choice for America AND the rest of the world.

But for those who are squeezing their mouse so hard it’s about to break and you’re two seconds away from replying with the most hate-filled comment I’ll ever receive, let me make it just a little bit worse for you 🙂

Voting for Trump is like leaving that 1 kHz nasal boost in the vocal just because you were to lazy to narrow in on the exact frequency. -Click to Tweet!

Voting for Trump is like keeping the low-mid boom in your bass guitar. -Click to Tweet!

Voting for Trump is like setting the release of your compressor too slow so that everything sounds pumpy and over-compressed. -Click to Tweet!

Voting for Trump is like recording too hot

Voting for Trump is like forgetting to flip the polarity of the under-snare microphone. -Click to Tweet!

Voting for Trump is like applying phantom power to a vintage ribbon microphone. -Click to Tweet!

Voting for Trump is like recording acoustic guitar with a dynamic mic pointed straight into the sound-hole. -Click to Tweet!

Voting for Trump is like mixing with one of your monitors one dB louder. -Click to Tweet!

Voting for Trump is like adding cathedral reverb on a speed-metal kick drum. -Click to Tweet!

Voting for Trump is like deliberately

Voting for Trump is like applying presets without tweaking

Voting for Trump is like spending 10 minutes on your compression settings without realizing the audio doesn’t hit the threshold. -Click to Tweet!

Voting for Trump is like using your laptop mic to record vocals. -Click to Tweet!

Voting for Trump is like using egg crates as your only form of acoustic treatment. -Click to Tweet!

Voting for Trump is like recording instruments without tuning them first. -Click to Tweet!

And finally…voting for Trump is like lighting your studio with lava lamps made out of real molten lava. -Click to Tweet!

You know what happens when idiots play with real lava?!?



And I KNOW Hillary isn’t perfect. She’s boring and doesn’t seem to stand for anything.

But Hillary is like that third mix revision you did for that band that wasn’t that great but wasn’t terrible either. You know you could’ve worked on the mix a little longer and made it more punchy and tight. You still feel like you could’ve automated the mix a bit more and spent some more time on tweaking the EQ on the master bus.

But in the end the band ran out of money and you ran out of time.

So vote for Hillary because at least you got paid for the mix you did. It might not be perfect but you still made a decent mix where the singer didn’t sound like they had a cold. You still cleaned up the low-mids and you made sure your compression settings were right. You made all the right mix moves, even if they were just the the same old boring ones and there wasn’t any room in the budget for experimentation.

But most importantly, you didn’t destroy your ribbon microphone or burn your studio down with molten lava.

Happy election day world. Let’s see whether it’s worth living in tomorrow.

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