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7 Entrepreneur Ideas for Audio Engineers & Musicians

In a struggling economy you face some new challenges to be able to make ends meet. Let’s take a stroll down the street of entrepreneur ideas and see if we can’t find something you like.

1. Online Mixing Engineer

You should think of the internet like a separate continent. Imagine this separate continent filled with musicians and amateur bedroom recordists that need a polished touch to their mixes. Portfolio websites aren’t exclusive to the web development or graphic design community. There are plenty of opportunities to be had with online mixing. It’s competitive but it’s easy to set up and start, especially if you already have a mixing station or studio at home.

2. Online Music Composer

Websites such as AudioJungle have a wide selection of music that their community creates and uploads for sale. If you are a very creative recording musician then you might be able to make a few extra bucks out of recording some of your ideas and motifs. My former classmate Miguel Jimenez Lopez has a very active AudioJungle account, and has made over 340 sales of tracks created in his home recording studio.

3. On-Location Sound Recording

Using intuitive live mixers that double as recorders, like the PreSonus Studio Live mixer you can easily record a live concert directly to your computer through the mixer’s pre-amps. With the mixer’s processors and effects you could even record, mix and upload the whole concert to the band’s website before the band stops partying. Talk about a unique selling position.

4. Portable Live Sound Engineer

If you’re not into the whole recording thing but love live sound investing in a small and portable P.A. system is a great way to offer your services to the live sound community. Start small with a simple system that can do open mics and small bands and offer your services to the surrounding coffee shops for instance. Position yourself so that the coffee shops see the value in having open mics and small live concerts.

5. Freelance Writer

This is, err…what I do mostly. I take the knowledge I’ve learned through schooling and experience in the music industry and pay it forward. When I’ve figured something out or stumbled upon a cool audio trick I share it with the interwebs. So there is no reason you couldn’t do something similar, regardless of your musical expertise. Audio Issues is accepting guest post submissions if you are interested in furthering your freelance writing.

6. Session Musician

Experienced musicians are always in demand. It’s hard to be a struggling musician but by diversifying your income streams you might struggle a little less than others. Put up your skills and contact info online, post it on Craigslist or on other job boards. I have a diverse pool of friends to play on my music, but if I didn’t I would outsource that expertise just like everything else.

7. Beat and Loop Maker

I hate making beats and loops. I suck at it and I find it tedious. But what I do love are pre-made loop packages made by professional beat makers and drummers that know how to groove. If you are adept and creative when it comes to beats and loops then I might be your next client.

What Else?

I know there are plenty of other ideas out there that you are currently making money with. What are some other entrepreneur ideas that have worked for you?

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