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Here's why Quick Mixing is one of my proudest moments

I have to tell you, Quick Mixing might be one of my proudest products


Because it combines a few things:

  • A Logic-centric tutorial for all those who have been asking for that throughout the years. You’re welcome (and don’t worry if you don’t use Logic, it’s not that Logic-centric to be honest).
  • It’s the collection of all the mixing skills I’ve learned in the last years, and includes some tips and tricks I’m teaching for the first time.
  • It’s short and to the point so I don’t waste any time teaching you all the things I’m doing throughout the mix.
  • I’m trying to keep the cost as low as possible for everyone so most of my readers can have a chance to enjoy it.

But if you want to take advantage of the discount you’ll need to act before Monday

Here’s what you get when you purchase Quick Mixing:

  • 2 hours with me as I sit and mix a song from beginning to end, stopping every 10 minutes to teach you all the methods I’m using in the mix
  • You’ll learn to find the right compression setting and style for drums, bass, guitars and vocals so you can use that knowledge for your future mixes
  • Watch me separate each instrument in the frequency spectrum by using EQ to carve out a space for every instrument
  • Hear how you can create depth and space around every instrument with only three reverb types (delay included).

If you’re feeling especially adventurous, the Quick Mastering and Editing/Comping packages give you even more tips and tricks to try out:

  • The Quick Mastering 4 plug-in chain that works on any great sounding mix
  • How to use a reference to get your master sounding like a professional record
  • Using multi-band compression to glue the mix together without squashing it
  • Using subtle linear phase EQ to make slight tweaks that make all the difference to your overall frequency balance
  • What you should look for in your stock metering plug-ins when you’re mastering
  • How to really focus on hearing the changes in emotion of the singer
  • This one decision you make in the recording process to make your comping faster
  • How to quickly edit your drums and bass together to both conserve the groove while keeping the time
  • Why focusing on the most consistent instrument to edit to is your best bet instead of pulling everything to the click
  • How to speed up the editing process by NOT listening to the whole take?
  • The simple Logic grouping trick to make sure all the correct tracks get comped and edited together
  • Why being an OCD vocal comping maniac is best for the song
  • How to make sure you don’t comp away the best part of each instrument
  • And why you should let your drummer drum around the click to keep the music human

And it’s all backed by my 365 day money-back guarantee. If you take a while to watch the tutorial and at the end you don’t learn anything new, you’ll still be able to take it back.

You don’t have to send it back before 30 days. Grab it at the discount today and watch it when you have two hours to spare.

Grab your copy here:


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