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I’m an Addict but I Just Can’t Stop Believing

My name is Björgvin and I’m an 80’s addict.

[Everyone:] Hi! Björgvin!

I think it has something to do with the fact that I was born smack in the middle of the 80’s rock era. There’s just something about the hugeness of the 80’s power ballads that make want to travel back in time and move to the Sunset Strip.

Since that’s impossible I’ve actually found the next best, cult classic thing.

The movie “Rock of Ages.”

Ok, bear with me here. Yes, it’s a musical. Yes, it has Tom Cruise in it. And yes…it’s a musical. Did I already say that? The fact is….it’s just so effin’ sexy man. And if you’re going to watch it, make sure you watch the extended R-rated version that has all the extra scenes in it.


I’ve made fun of 80’s music in the past, but I’ve always had a major crush on everything that is 80’s rock.

Def Leppard. Motley Crue. White Snake. Bon Jovi. Journey.

There’s just so much to love about them. The edginess. The sexiness. The incredible melodies and powerful productions.

For instance,

  • Ruthless Riffs – The guitar sound was just so massive and edgy back then. Not that guitar sounds have gotten worse in the last 30 years but they really knew how to create jaw-dropping riffs.
  • Over-sized Snares – It’s not called an 80’s snare for nothin’. The arena rock snares make the song larger than life. Even if you’re just listening on headphones you feel like you’re in the middle of a massive stadium.
  • Colossal Choruses – 80’s hair-metal bands were the masters of huge melodic choruses. Power ballads are the epitome of their skills of sweet rock n roll.

All that stuff is in Rock of Ages. I mean, the acting is whatever and the storyline is pretty predictable, but the music is just so good.

I watched the extended version twice in the span of 24 hours and I bought the soundtrack on iTunes. The third time through I decided to watch the normal version, not realizing it was PG-13 and it was very disappointing. So if you’ve seen it and hated it, watch the extended version. I promise you it’s better.

So there it is. I’m an addict to 80’s music and I’ve no chance of recovery. Now I just need to figure out how to see the actual theater stage version.

Fuel my addiction and learn how to record and mix great music, 80’s or not…

Image by:  Anirudh Koul

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