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More Multi-Tracks Than You'll Ever Be Able to Mix!

We talked a lot about mixing in yesterday’s post ( mixing tips are useless unless you have some multi-tracks to work with.

The thing is, it’s hard to start a home studio business is you don’t have any work to show to potential bands that might want to record with you.

And if you don’t have any audio on your website to showcase your work, it’s going to be harder to get started.

It’s a catch 22. You need to show musicians that you know what you’re doing but you need musicians in order to create your portfolio.

How to Create a Portfolio

Luckily, there are a couple of solutions to this predicament:

  1. If you are a musician yourself you can always record your own music and use that as your first examples.
  2. You can use at least you’re able to show off your mixing skills.

Using the free multi-tracks you should be able to show off a strong portfolio, especially because you can select a few different genres to show your versatility. Having a portfolio that showcases your strengths as a mixing engineer also means that you don’t need to do free work to get exposure. Your portfolio already proves that you know what you’re doing.

For free multi-tracks I highly recommend guidelines and advice for almost every track. Plus, there’s also a discussion forum for each track where people submit their mixes for feedback in order to improve.

So if you’re struggling to get enough work as a mixing engineer because you don’t have any examples of your work, consider your problem solved.

Keep Learning, But Also DO!

A longtime subscriber, Callahan Burke, sent me this extremely relevant email this morning that applies to this situation:

Thank you, my friend! For all your amazing, accessible mentoring and music. All I have to do do now is keep reminding myself study is great, but when you actually DO something with it you engage the kinesthetic brain and learning becomes exponential!

Point is, you can read my articles all day and think you’re learning, but if you don’t do anything with the knowledge then you’re not accomplishing anything.

So go grab some multi-tracks in your preferred genre and use some of the mixing tips I talked about yesterday to build your portfolio.


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