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Your Productivity Playbook – Better Mixes in Less Time

Last week we talked in detail about how to start your mix, and what mistakes to avoid while mixing.

I really hope those articles helped you get a clearer sense of how to approach mixing and what to avoid while taking a rough recording to a finished mix.

Today, I’m happy to announce two brand-new additions to Quick Mixing:

  • The Productivity Playbook – Better Mixes in Less Time
  • How to Use a Mix Template to Shave Hours Off Your Mixing Time Video

The Productivity Playbook

In addition to the Quick Mixing videos that are already included in the series, the Productivity Playbook teaches you how to create an efficient workflow that makes you a faster mixing engineer. Whether you’re mixing your band’s new single or working on an EP for a client, you still want results fast and the Productivity Playbook teaches you how.

  • How to think like a productive and efficient mixing engineer to save time and money
  • How to make time for mixing music when you have a busy schedule
  • The power of deliberate and deep practice, even if you only have 25 minutes to spare
  • How to find pockets of time to improve your mixing skills
  • Important productivity tools and methods to stay on task and finish faster
  • How to use a mixing template to speed up the mixing process and eliminate distractions from too many plug-ins
  • The exact mixing template I use, and the workflow I use to make faster mixing decisions because I don’t have to search around my DAW any more
  • How to use the Pomodoro System to boost your productivity while you’re mixing
  • How to prepare for a mixing session and knowing what to do when you start the mixing process
  • An easy mindset for knowing how to EQ, compress and use effects
  • My 9-step process for taking a mix from a rough recording to a finished song
  • A special, step-by-step plan on how to schedule your time so you’re always creating new mixes (even if you don’t have any songs)

Plus: How to Shave Hours Off Your Mixing Time With a Mixing Template

Along with the Productivity Playbook, you’ll create a mixing template that takes all the guesswork out of mixing, helping you make more musical decisions while you mix.

  • See exactly how to group and buss your instruments for a faster workflow
  • Learn what processors you should put on your master bus and your groups to get your rough mixes sounding good immediately
  • Learn the exact EQ filters that are in place for every instrument for instant low-mid clean up without you needing to waste time EQ’ing the low-end every time
  • What effects busses you should create in your mixing template so you can easily create punch through parallel compression, width through stereo widening and depth with reverb and delay
  • How to create your own presets for your compressors so that all you need to do is to tweak the threshold to add tightness to your tracks
  • How to use the right plug-ins to speed up your mix workflow and to avoid wasting time constantly browsing your plug-in folder


Head over here and learn how to make better mixes in less time:


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