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Where’s All the Value in These Tips? Can You See It?

A recent unsubscriber to the Audio Issues e-mail list said farewell with an interesting statement.

He told me:

I just do not feel as if I am learning anything of value from this subscription.

This made me think.

Was he not getting enough value because he knows enough already, or is the problem on my end?

So I took a look at some of the earlier e-mails that he received, and here’s the value that he thought he wasn’t getting:

How to Make Your Tracks Sound Great WITHOUT Compression?!?

  • (Value: Using automation instead of compression to avoid over-compression)

Could You Be Getting MORE Audio Gear with LESS Money?

  • (Value: Saving money without compromising on great audio equipment)

50 Free Multi-tracks to Improve Your Mixing Skils

  • (Value: 50 different songs spanning every genre for mixing practice)

This Post Contains a Simple Approach to Online Mixing

  • (Value: Tips on working with clients over the internet)

Question the Answer: Smoother Mixes With Outside-the-Box Routing

  • (Value: Techniques for outboard processing)

Why Vocal Precision Is Not The Be-All and End-All

  • (Value: That performance trumps aesthetic quality every time)

Help Fight the Loudness Wars – Dynamic Range Day 2012

  • (Value: Mastering with dynamics in mind)

The Sculptor’s Guide to Mixing Electronic Music

  • (Value: How sometimes less is more)

How Safe is Your Song from Being a Loudness War Casualty?

  • (Value: A checklist to make sure your mix sounds good)

Seems like a bunch of great free value to me…

I just have to wonder, “how did he NOT see the value in every e-mail and blog post?”


It’s ironic that at the same time this reader unsubscribed, three readers emailed me with praise on all the free tips.

One reader said:

I want to thank you for your site, I’ve been recording digitally since 2005. I’ve learned more from your site than anywhere else. Thanks and keep up the good work.

How’s that for seeing value for what it is?

I give most of my value away, but some of my value is not free. Check out Mixing Strategies for a to-the-point guide for creating better mixes. It’s the most valuable thing I have, and that’s why I charge for it.

Image by: Adam Melancon

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  • O.k. to make it short: Great site, great value, especially like your really hot tuts on ableton, this is my goto in ableton resources ! Thanks a lot ! I subscribe now !

    • Thanks Michael. I appreciate the compliments, but I can’t take credit for the Ableton tuts. That’s all Mark Dowdell, he’s a genius.

  • Glen S.


    You’ll never please everyone. That’s impossible, plain and simple. Don’t lose any sleep over it.

    But the smart money on why he was unsatisfied is on one of the two extremes: either he is, as you said already too educated on the subject, or just the opposite, is a newb who is looking for pat recipe answers that don’t exist, like “If you want your mix to rock, just preset you EQ  to 3, your compressor 7, and your reverb to pi, and hard pan everything except vocals, and it will work every time, even with your ears plugged shut with peanut butter:


  • Jerry M.

    you know i have been going to this site for years and never subscribed don’t know why but just didn’t. the point is i go out of my way to get to this site because the info on here is great stuff that people can use whether they make some money in it or not.