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10 Ways to Become the WORST Live Sound Engineer in History

I’ve seen a fair amount of bad behavior when it comes to live sound-techs.

I’ve probably been pretty bad myself on occasion.

But if you really want to mess everything up before you’ve even got a steady live gig, you should definitely try some of these things out.

1. You shouldn’t care about what the band says, your opinion is the one that matters.

2. Never walk around the venue because it only matters how the music sounds by the mixing board.

3. Place the monitors as close to the players as possible, that’s where they’ll hear themselves the best.

4. Make sure the singer gets all the instruments in his monitor mix.

5. Never bring extra jack cables. If the players can’t remember their cables, they can’t play.

6. Constantly ride the faders so it looks like you’re doing something awesome.

7. Feedback isn’t your fault. It’s the singer’s for wanting so much of himself in the monitor.

8. Let the guitarists crank up their amps as much as they want. If they drown out the rest of the band, so be it.

9. Show up the late to the sound-check. You know the band will too.

10. When the show’s over, just throw the cables in the box. No need to wrap them up.

Jokes aside, if you want to really learn how to break into the live industry, know your way around the equipment and set up a kick-ass live show, check out my latest eBook, Live Sound Survival.

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Here’s what a recent reader, Michael Rizzo, had to say about the eBook:

The rock band tips helped a lot. I feel starting small will only help me and I already mix live for provides their own stuff. This book has helped me prepare for what I need as I move into my dream of doing live and/or monitor sound.

Thank you Michael!

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