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A Really Quick "Mastering" Video You Might Find Useful?

Today’s video over at The Long Wait Youtube channel is about making our 2-track recording sound a little bit better.

It’s hard to do much with an already mixed 2-track but with a little bit of EQ, compression and tape emulation (along with a separate audience mic) you can make your audio sound a little bit better.

Especially if you have video you want to sync better sounding audio to it for music marketing purposes.

In the video I’ll go through all the quick and dirty ways I make (IMHO) the audio sound just a little bit better, combining the hard disk recording from the board with the audience mic of the camera to create a sense of “being there” feeling.

Here ya go!

If you like these videos please go over to I’m keeping them free for now so you can all enjoy the music and the tips within.


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