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Why I’d Rather be the Boy Wonder than the Dark Knight

I saw the new Batman movie last month.

I’ve mulled it over in my head for a while. I liked it, but it didn’t quite stand up to the quality of  The Dark Knight.

The Joker story is just too good to beat.

Anyway, I just really like the new Batman movies. But there’s one thing the new Batman doesn’t have.


Movie Robin is a toxic phenomenon that no Batman director would ever touch after it was destroyed in the previous film franchise.

Ugh. Chris O’Donnell as Robin. Kill me now.

But the Boy Wonder is still an amazing comic book character. When I was a teenager I liked Robin much more than Batman.

He had everything Batman did: all the cool toys, all dark and serious about crime fighting, but he was my age.

How awesome was that. Some teenager fighting alongside Batman, keeping up every step of the way.

And I think it was much easier for Robin to become just as good as Batman in crime fighting. Batman spent decades honing his detective skills, martial arts training and all the other crazy intelligence he has.

But he taught everything to Robin in what seems like a matter of weeks.

Raise your hands if you’d like to become just as good as Batman in:

  • a) 2 decades. Includes grueling trips to freezing Tibet to learn martial arts with monks.
  • b) 2 weeks. Includes living in a mansion with your own personal butler.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always wanted a butler.

Learn Mastering from a Mentor

You see, a mentor is a very valuable thing. Learning from a teacher is much more valuable than learning on your own. Being self-taught can be rewarding sure, but also very time consuming.

Tell me,

Would you rather learn mastering by spending hours trying to figure out how to use EQ or multiband compression?

Or would you rather learn how to do it in 5 minutes?

How does it sound to do 5 hours of level-matching only to find out you haven’t calibrated your level meters?

Not good? How about access to free and awesome metering plug-ins that tell you exactly how loud your mixes are?

Don’t stumble around in the dark fighting bad sounds without any training. The new twiddling knobs and going it alone.

To the Batcave Boy Wonder:

Home Mastering Masterclass

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