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Your Questions About EQ…Answered

EQ this week.

In the following interview we talk about:

  • The difference between EQ’ing during mixing and mastering.
  • Using corrective EQ on the mix bus when your individual EQ’s fail.
  • What to do when you can only use a broad Q.
  • When to use “colored” analog EQ and when to use “clean” digital EQ.
  • Using linear-phase EQ, and why it’s weird for mixing.
  • Why we like big boosts and we cannot lie…

Take a listen to the interview right here.

(You can right-click and select save-as to download  and listen to it on-the-go)

Enhancing a Live Recording With Reverb

We got into talking about reverb as well reverb when I’m “mastering” live recordings that I get straight out of the mixing board.

So to explain what I was talking about I made this short video. Please go to Youtube and Like and Share so that others may see it as well.


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