“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.“

-Sun Tzu

Mixing Strategies is an ebook that focuses on the important subjective parts of mixing music. It teaches you the philosophies of mixing and how to approach your next mixing project for a successful outcome.

The Artistic Side of Mixing

Mixing is an art, but it’s not always approached as such.

You need compressors and processors, but you also need a game plan. Mixing Strategies covers the philosophies of mixing. It teaches you how to take your mix to where you hear it in your head. By using a few examples of famous pop songs you will be able to analyze what drives your mix and how to replicate past successes in your own mixes.

“‘Mixing Strategies’ is the most straight-forward book I have read on mixing. Totally devoid of unnecessary technical information and jargon, this book is full of helpful, concise information and achieves the stated aims of the foreword. The no-nonsense book on audio mixing”

-Jim Lade

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What do you Learn?

Mixing Strategies teaches you, among other things:

  • How to tackle depth and width in your mixes.
  • How to get a clearer stereo image.
  • Techniques to carve out a space for each instrument.
  • How to achieved a polished and professional vocal sound.
  • Techniques to recognize what drives your mix.
  • Getting a tight low end and controlling a bass heady and muddy mix.
  • Practical tips for a punchier drum sound.
  • How to get your mix ready for mastering.

Imagining Your Mix

You’ll learn how to tackle depth and width, placing elements correctly in the three dimensional music spectrum. With advanced panning techniques you will learn how to create a better stereo balance as well as space for each of your instruments. You will learn how to get a clearer stereo image, achieving depth in your mixes you didn’t have before.

“I usually used to just start a mix and ‘see where it’s going’. Now I spend some time deciding on what is best for the song…it has really caused me to ask the right questions before and while mixing.”

-Ernie Smith

Tight Drums and Punchy Bass

Mixing Strategies teaches you how to control your low end, The lowest frequencies are sometimes the most troublesome. This ebook will help you control that loud bass and muddy bottom end.

Your Professional Vocal Sound

If you’ve been having trouble with getting that polished vocal sound then look no further. Mixing Strategies will help you take your vocals to the next level. From easy to implement drum mixing tips to getting that professional vocal sound, Mixing Strategies is a quick and easy guide full of practical ideas to inspire your mixes.

Getting Ready for Mastering

Lastly, making sure your mix is ready for mastering is an important, but often overlooked step in the mixing process. Mixing Strategies doesn’t leave anything out when it comes to perfecting your mix. A great sounding and well prepared mix will make the mastering process smoother and your final product sounding better.

Sample Pages and Content

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“Your book is a goldmine, I absolutely love it.”

-Jean-Baptiste Collinet

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About the Author

Björgvin Benediktsson has been working in the audio industry since 2006. Since then, he’s been involved with projects in the field of live sound for many of the biggest events in Iceland as well as playing, recording and mixing a wide variety of music.

He has also taught classes on music production and audio engineering, teaching the technical side of recording and mixing in addition to hosting workshops on live sound. He holds a diploma in audio engineering from the SAE Institute where he graduated at the top of his class in 2009.