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How to get over the starting point when you're producing?

Producing is so different depending on who’s doing it.

There are so many things involved: arrangement, instrumentation and pre-production.

For instance, even before you decide to record anything, songs can come from many different directions.

A guitar riff and a drum groove can be a basis for a song.

A chord structure and a melody can become the chorus of another.

And a nice piano line a structure for yet another.

Songs can come from anywhere, and not every band or musician does it the same way. Then the technical side of music production jumps in with the recording, mixing and mastering side.

Where to Start Recording

I’ve heard from people:

“There are so many ways and so many contradictory advice on the web that a clear and to the point simple approach would give a great starting point.
I mean, having a “”Do this, and you will have a good sound”” is much better than “”You can do that, or that, or this, but if you do this, then …”””

You can get frustrated with starting points when you’re trying to record your songs. Especially if you’re starting out and you don’t know any of the tricks or don’t have the experience to know what works.

The truth is, tons of great sounding records were recorded very differently. There’s no “do this, not that” solution to every situation. There’s only experience and knowing that what you’re hearing sounds good.

But if I had to give you one simple starting point, here’s what I’d recommend:

Start listening to everything you can get your ears on.

It’s similar to the best advice I’ve ever received which is: “Read as much as you can”

Listening to music isn’t just a fun pastime and a hobby that you like doing while you do “actual” work.

It’s just as much work as anything else because it can spark ideas and inspire creativity

That’s why I put you need to listen to to become a great producer.

That’s ridiculous.

But every song in the series has something special that makes it stand apart that you can use and adapt to your own needs for your own songs and productions.

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