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3 Simple Techniques for Punchier Drums

Your drums are the foundation on which everything else lies.

Screw that up and your mix falls down like a house of cards.

Here are 3 ways you can cheat your way out of a weak drum sound.

Think of these tips like the glue that holds your house of cards together.

1. Compressing the Overheads

Compress your overheads to raise the overall punchiness of your drum kit. It can elevate your drum sound in your mix and make it stand out more without getting in the way.

2. Buss compression

The “New York Compression Trick” boosts your punch without sacrificing your dynamics. Talk about having your cake and eating it too.

3. Drum replacement

I was recently introduced to Slate Drums’ Trigger plug-in. It’s a drum replacement Seriously, it’s that good.

Drum replacement is great when your drum sound sucks but you still have a good performance. They won’t really help if your drummer can’t groove to save his life.

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