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How to Avoid Being Over-Critical of Your Mixing Skills

Attention to detail is good.

Being sloppy is bad.

But extremes on either sides are even worse.

Sloppy editing calls for a tedious mix, but if you’re mixing with every single detail in mind you’ll never finish.

Being attentive in your editing makes for a more enjoyable mixing experience because you can really focus on the creative side. But if you transfer that extreme attention to detail from editing to mixing you might become too analytical.

Instead of setting yourself free with creative mixing ideas, you’ll be tweaking every single knob on the compressor, eventually compressing too much.

Or you’ll end up mixing so long that your ears get tired. And when your ears get tired you make terrible EQ decisions.

And when you get REALLY tired you start hating your mix.

“It’s no good.”

“This sucks. I wish I could do it better.”

“I need to learn some more mixing tricks.”

That’s when you should take a break don’tcha think?

A really think about your mixing decisions and if they are actually helping the mix.

And if you’re always going back to the previous mix, maybe that’s the one to use?

If you’re still looking for ways to improve your mixing skills but you don’t know how, check out Dueling Mixes. Those guys are filled with advice on how to make your mixes sounding better than ever.

And you get to see exactly how they create their own mixes. Mixes that they release as albums to their fans so they’re not shy about showing off their mixing skills.

Try it out, I guarantee you’ll learn something from them.

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