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How to Make Weak Singers Sound Larger than Life

Did you know the best way to use vocal compression to get a thicker sound out of shy singers?

You see, inexperienced singers can give you trouble during a vocal recording session.

One of the major problems you might deal with is their shyness with the microphone. Experienced singers will sing at the top of their lungs when they need, and they’ll give you a quiet whisper as well. But they always stay in total control of the breadth of their voice.

Shy singers are scared of the mic. They’ll do the exact opposite.

The result is a weak vocal recording. Their voice just isn’t as full and thick as you might have wanted.

If you’ve unsuccessfully tried everything in your power as a producer to get a better performance, then maybe it’s time to fix it in the mix.

Serial Vocal Compression

One of the great ways to make singers sound bigger is with the simple compressor. Sounds pretty obvious eh? But there’s a trick to it that you might not have thought of.

The wrong thing to do it to just slap it on and crank it up.

Oh no, that’ll just give you a squashy over-compressed, flat vocal sound.

The trick is to use serial vocal compression to add just a bit at a time.

That way you add thickness to the vocal without making it sound compressed. Because if you add a bunch of compression all at once it becomes very noticeable.

Not to mention how terrible it’ll sound. That sucking, pumping vocal sound like it’s desperately trying to come up for air.

However, if you add a few different then you’ll get a thicker vocal that sounds full and big, without making it sound squashed.

Just remember this little rule:

You can compress a lot if you just use a little bit at a time.

Be subtle and you’ll master compression in no time. If you want even more helpful tips on tackling compression, for any part of your mix, I highly recommend you check out Understanding Compression. Whether you need help on compressing vocals, drums, guitar or any other part of your mix, Understanding Compression will teach you how.

Check it out here:

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Transform Your Rough Recordings Into Released Records, Even If You Only Have a Home Studio

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