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Here's how you instill confidence and power into your vocalist

I’m going to let you in on one vocal recording trick I’ve started doing.

It gets great results because the vocalist feels like he’s singing on a record, not a demo.

And the best part is, you don’t have to compromise the quality of your recording either.

“Ooooh….tell me Björgvin! What is it!”

It’s simple really. It’s parallel compression on the way in.

In my Apollo Twin there’s a digital console that allows you to route the incoming signal to an aux track on the way to Logic.

So I route track to two auxes.

One is for reverb to give the vocalist some nice space in the mix.

The other is for either an LA2A or an 1176 that’s heavily compressing the incoming signal.

I then blend that underneath and feed it to the vocalist’s headphone mix.

This results in a pretty in-your-face sound that gives the singer confidence and helps create a great performance.

Of course, be careful how much signal you feed the vocalist. And also, make sure you’re not crushing the signal with a really slow release because the pumping sound throw them off guard.

So try a nice blend of parallel compression into the singer’s headphones the next time you want to give your singer a sense of power.

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Get Your FREE EQ Cheatsheet With 71 Tips For Better Home Studio Mixes You Can Use Right Away

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