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How to Make Your Raw Recordings Crush Other People's Final Mixes

If you record harder music like rock, hardcore, punk or metal you might like this free video series Jordan Valeriote is giving people this week.

It’s called Hardcore Tracking and it’s a free video series on recording hard rock music.

I watched the three videos this week and I am SUPER IMPRESSED.

It’s like he’s bringing you right into the studio and gives you no-nonsense advice on what you need to do to get great sounding recordings at the source.

When you’re recording harder music like that it’s even more important to get those sounds as clean as pristine as possible (ironically enough!)

Here are the three videos he’s giving away this week, what you’ll learn from them and my reactions to them and what I personally learned.

Click on any of the video thumbnails or links to watch his free workshop.

Video 1: Capturing Killer, Hard-Hitting Drums

  • In-depth walkthrough of how to mic up a drum kit
  • Hear what good raw drums should sound like at the tracking stage
  • Free bonus download: Drum Tracking Cheatsheet with go-to mics and positions for drums

My favorite technique from this video is how he mics the overheads. I need to try that out on this punk record I’m working on right now.


Video 2: How to Get a Powerful Guitar Tone Without Overcomplicating the Entire Process

  • How to mic a guitar cab
  • See the guitar chain & watch me dial in a guitar tone quickly
  • Learn a new mental framework for tracking guitars that will 10x your quality

I agreed with everything he said about keeping it simple when recording guitars. Overloading your guitar amp with unnecessary microphones is just a recipe for disaster!


Video 3: How to Track Rock Vocals that Leap Out of the Speakers

  • See my go-to vocal chain
  • Learn the comp-on-the-fly vocal tracking strategy to get the best takes and keep sessions moving quickly.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that bunch of passes and then just lifelessly comp the whole thing. Makes for a much better take in my opinion.


I hope you take away something cool to use in your next hardcore sessions.

If you want, let me know what was most interesting to you. Just hit reply and tell me. I read every email!

Have a great weekend,


Get Your FREE EQ Cheatsheet With 71 Tips For Better Home Studio Mixes You Can Use Right Away

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