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The 3 E's of Choosing a Professional Recording Studio

This is a guest post by Jak Daniel of Surrey Studios.

Choosing the right professional the most important decisions you make. Ultimately, the end result of your studio recording could be the very thing that makes or breaks you as a recording artist.

1. The Equipment

Recording quality is very important. The clearer you to get your recordings down with the best sonic quality possible.

2. The Engineer

Another very important step is choosing the right producer/engineer to work with. This is probably the most important thing in the entire process. The studio equipment is one thing, but if the person behind it doesn’t connect with you as an artist then you are wasting your time. I would even go as far as to say, you are better off with a great producer/engineer and OK equipment than great equipment and an OK producer/engineer. It is of the utmost importance for you to feel comfortable with him or her, and confident enough to trust their judgement and guidance through the recording process.

Communication is key here. If you cannot express your ideas to the producer/engineer then the end result will suffer and you will not feel satisfied with the end product.

3. The Expense

Unfortunately, quality comes at a price and your budget will be a deciding factor of whether you can even record at a big commercial studio. Of course, it is important to note that there are other ways of achieving great results on a tighter budget, and recording in an expensive professional studio does not automatically equal great results or success.

Your Roadmap to Success

Let ‘s not also forget, that although each of the above are without a doubt big factors in the studio recording process, they will not necessarily translate into success.

There are many factors to achieving so called success, and writing a ‘hit’ is one of them. Reference your songs with other hits and listen to what is happening in the music industry. You could spend a lot of money in the studio, but if your production has no relevance, plan, or ultimate goal, then you could be setting yourself up to fail.

So to summarise, all of the above are very important factors in determining a recording studio for you, but remember that vibe and feeling are the main things.

Book a meeting with the producer/engineer of your preferred recording studio before you make a decision. Ask them to play you some material they have done in the recent past, and weigh the feel and connection you get from the producer against the price and other studios. Only when you feel comfortable with both the human connection and the dollar expense should you book the recording session.

Jak Daniel

Image by: mockstar

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