Transform Your Rough Recordings Into Released Records, Even If You Only Have a Home Studio

6 Recording Tips to Avoid Ruining Your Productions

Reading recording tips is an invaluable way of avoiding mistakes.

Because let’s face it, you’ll make mistakes.

It’s OK.

But isn’t it better to read someone else’s mistakes and learn from them?

It’s easier than doing it on the job. When your client is looking at you puzzled because his whole vocal track sounds distorted.

And you don’t even know why.

This post might make your eyes glaze over. Especially if you think you’re the hottest engineer on the planet.

But sometimes we gotta take it back to basics.

Just to be on the safe side, I want to give you the few things you need to NOT do when you’re recording your audio.


1. Don’t Do 16 Bit

The minimum is 24 bits. Your computer can handle it just fine and your audio will thank you for it.

2. Don’t Distort

There’s not “sweet” analog warmth from a digitally distorted audio signal. Those days are over. Move on and record at lower levels.

3. Don’t Play With Static and Noise

If you want to screw up your sounds immediately, make sure your cables crackle and hum. Yeah, that’s the best way for sure.

4. Don’t Record With Reverb

This is the tramp-stamp tattoo of audio recording.

Once that reverb is on, it’s never coming off.  Only leave it on if it’s an integral part of the sound.

5. Don’t Do Nothing

One of my first vocal recordings was in the middle of an untreated bedroom, singing into a dynamic microphone I held with my hand. I did absolutely nothing right to get a good sound. I wondered why my vocals sounded so bad. Simple set ups and the right microphones are key to a good vocal sound.

6. Don’t Hurry

Most people don’t work so well under pressure. Book enough time to get the job done. Things will go wrong, I guarantee it.

Now, if you DO want to learn how recording in no time.

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Transform Your Rough Recordings Into Released Records, Even If You Only Have a Home Studio

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