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Remember – Your Whole Body is an Instrument!

This is a guest post by Barry Williams of VocalSteps.Com

Whenever you sing, it should not only be your voice that is singing, but you – the total you.

When you sing, your whole body should become a musical instrument. From head to toe; transform yourself into a musical instrument that sings.

Your head, brow, eyes, nose, ears, lips, teeth, hands, diaphragm, lungs, thighs and legs should all work in unison sounds emanate.

The Function of the Brain

The brain prepares your body to become that musical instrument.

The lungs automatically take in more air than normal – you breathe more deeply.

The nose flares to allow more air into the lungs. Your hearing is sharpened. The lips become more flexible.

The diaphragm automatically tightens, allowing you to attack high notes, or relaxes, to allow you to attack low notes.

The Brain and your Lyrics

When you sing, the brain reminds you of the lyrics ahead of time. It prompts you for the next line before you’ve even finished the one you’re singing. (Two brain functions at the same time … Amazing!)

I have had instances where I forget some of my lyrics while actually singing. In those cases my brain takes over and either substitutes lyrics with the same meaning of the phrase I forgot, or prompts me with the correct lyrics just in time.

All of this while I am still singing a phrase. Remarkable! I am sure some of you readers have experienced this.

Become the Instrument

When you sing, visualize yourself as just another musical instrument like the piano, guitar or trumpet. Play your voice and your whole body like you would play these instruments. With this fact in mind, you will realize that there is no room for self-consciousness.

Do whatever you need to get the best sound out of your body.

You may need to:

  • Stand on tip toes
  • Distort your face
  • Roll your eyes
  • Over-emphasize your consonants

Become the instrument! Approach your voice like any of those instruments. They have no hangups or protests against how you play them. Therefore the same way towards your own body as an instrument.

Remember, you are the instrument!!

Image by: Crossett Library Bennington College

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