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The What, Why and How to Record from Beginning to End

There’s one thing home recording engineers struggle with.


It’s not that they don’t know how to record.

They just don’t know how to start, where to go and when they’re done.

Maybe you’re familiar with this process?

The thing is, if you have a big project, you need to break it into bite-sized pieces. Otherwise you’ll just end up in a corner, hyperventilating into your microphone bag because everything just seems a bit too much.

Break it Down

When I wrote a separate subject so I could focus on that subject only when I was writing. That way I didn’t jump from one thing to the other and I actually got stuff done.

That’s very similar to how you should approach your recording session.

Break it down into separate parts: drums, bass, guitar, vocals, etc. Focus on that part only while you’re doing it.

Better yet, this should start during the pre-production process. Decide how much time you’re going to allocate to each instrument and be realistic in how much time it will take. Don’t under-estimate the time it takes to record drums.

Just like most people blow past their budget, so do recording engineers blow past their allocated drum recording time.

Why Should You Do this?

If you’re constantly worrying about later aspects of the session, your focus will never be on the thing you should be doing.

Bite sized pieces and a laser focus on one thing at a time is what creates an efficient recording session.

How Do You Figure It All Out?

There is no GOD mode and you can’t get 2,000 XP points by entering in some cheat codes. You have to learn how to record all this stuff by yourself.

But the good thing is, I’ve got the answers.

It’s the closest thing to GOD mode I have to offer:

Image by: alexanderdrachmann

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